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Monday, October 19, 2020

Shelties - Ottawa & Area

Been awhile since I last posted since we moved 4 years ago.  I no longer maintain our website.

I do however get regular requests for puppies, if not from folks wanting ones our old lines, then the names of kennels I know in my area.

My first suggested resource for Ontario in general is to go to the CSSA site and contact the various directors for member referrals.

The local CKC breeders are

Laureate - Kim Aston 

Divine - Linda Labelle 

Kendale - Diane Biggar

Dury Voe - Judy Kelsey

Valley Gem - Bonnie Bird-Pappel

Velvetfog - Anne Brazeau

TLC - Tina King

Sharrow- Margaret Pratt (local resource for rescues)

All have websites, and are on Facebook either by name and/or kennel name.

A little update on me.  I’ve spent more time being able to work at agility with our ‘Ruffles’,  Shelamo Walk On Bi.  Covid has provided me with the time and ability to enjoy this outdoor sport with several classmates.  We’ve obtained 2 Q’s towards our starters jumpers. My first ever agility Q’s!

I was also able to teach Ruffles A bit of water safety, pool entry, and blowing bubbles while bobbing for treats thanks to Linda’s pool and the hot summer days  

I’ve helped breed and whelp two litters this spring, enjoyed outdoor socializing them, and doing puppy pics.

I’ve still been teaching dog obedience with the City of Ottawa however the fall course has now been cancelled due to moving back to a modified stage 2.  Here’s hoping we can reduce our covid numbers for a winter 2021 session. 

Stay safe.  Teach your dog something new that you can use in everyday life.


Helen November 11, 2020 at 4:24 PM  

Here's hoping you'll get back to teaching next year. I'm taking agility classes with both Teddy and Liam.


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