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Friday, June 14, 2013

Casting Call!!!

New TV Series, Dog's Best Friend to air on OASIS HD... maybe you have two that have a realtionship ...

Click here


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great Spring Advanced Dog Obedience Class

June 12th was the last of a 10 week course for my Advanced Obedience class at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Gardens.  Once we had more day light in the early evening, and better weather we were able to spend more and more time outside, which creates all those unknown distractions!  Just what this class needed.

We had the local buses coming in (air breaks!), squirrels, kids on bikes, beach volley ball going on, Canada Geese we got to 'herd' back into the Ottawa River, children in strollers, others taking their dogs for walks, and the smells of good food that comes from the Baja Burger Shack.

4 corner sit/stay, then .....
their recall with a controlled sit in front
 down stays on the rock wall
 Let me know when we're done this exercise :)!
 Geese be gone!  I'll just sit by mom and watch, to make sure they stay out there!
hummm ... wonder if the City would hire me for a summer job???
I'd keep this park clean as they don't pick up behind themselves.
 I'm just as good as that sheltie!
Love this silhouette shot of "Java" a Standard Schnauzer
 doing a stand stay for his photo, with some 18 courts of volley ball going on behind

The students were a delight to work with.

Hope my fur friends have a PAWsitively great summer!  See ya in the fall.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Flirt Litter - Boy Pictured @ 9 wks

This is the boy from our Flirt litter born March 17, 2013 - he will likely mature around 17".



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