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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Dog Obedience Classes - City Of Ottawa

Don't forget, dog obedience classes start back in 2 weeks in the City of Ottawa.

Wednesday - Apr 3/13 - Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center - Bayshore/Britannia area

Monday - Apr 8/13 - Glen Cairn Community Center - Kanata
Advance dogs at Lakeside

Happy Easter!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's So Good About Teaching A "Long Stand"?

In my dog obedience classes I'm always asking the students to tell me, specifically, 5 reasons for a specific exercise.  I want them to be very specific, to their lifestyle and environment.

One might say ....

I ask my dog to sit when I'm preparing their dinner.
I ask my dog to sit before I put their dinner on the floor.
I ask my dog to sit when my grandmother comes in the door.
I ask my dog to sit before we go out the front door for a walk.
I ask my dog to sit when I put their collar on.
Sit quietly while waiting for my vet appointment.

Sit is an easy one ... but the stand, owners have a hard time with.  So when would you ask your dog to stand?

Wouldn't it be nice if they,

Stood, calmly while your vet listened to their lungs/heart?
Stood while you wiped their back paws before running across your rugs?
Stood calmly in the bathtub for a simple bath?
Stood calmly in the bathtub while the 5+ minute skunk removal application worked?!!!

and then there are reasons we just never consider in life ... like either an injury or a senior dog with mobility problems.

Paw-Pads Self Adhesive Traction Pads

Check out this link and then go to the "Sizing & instructions" page.
It reads ...

"To Activate the Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive:
After applying, have your dog stand with full weight on pads for 60-90 seconds. This will activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive. They should not feel Paw-Pads™ once applied."

Now you might think this silly, but I'm considering it for an aging senior we have at the moment, especially for her rear paws that tend to slip out from under her on our non-carpeted surfaces.


Spring ! HA ! Wildlife 2013

We've had some winter days that we thought would never end ... these pics are all taken through our kitchen window
Snow Day - with a Redpoll in the deck banister snow
Our resident Black-eyed Junco hanging out with a Redpoll that seems to not be liking all the wet snow
The Junco only shows up once in awhile and is a very shy bird.
Our resident Woodpecker
the following are taken with my new camera
I swear the Gold Finches (males that is) are changing their colour!


Our Shelamo Seriously Sinful Litter - March 2013

Pups are now 7 days old

4 girls 2 boys born March 17, 2013
MBPIG Ch Ruffleith's Barolo DiRiondo x Shelamo Seriously Sinful
 They eat!!  They then fall over and sleep!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Puppies Have Arrived!!

 Our "Flirt" delivered 4 girls, 2 boys, all sables on March 17, 2013
Our "Breeze" co-bred and with Penny Woodruff delivered 1 girl, 2 boys all sables on March 19, 2013

Pics of "Flirt's" litter will be posted soon.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Interesting Video on Dogs In Our Lives and Their Contributions To Us Humans In So Many Ways

Get a cup of tea or coffee, or what ever suits your fancy and sit back to a very interesting 51 min video on how it is believed our canine friends evolved to be as friendly, cute and lovable; how they can read body language more than we thought; one of the smartest dogs in the world, and in the end how our pure bred dogs are helping to solve medical problems in humans (and dogs) through their DNA.  The rate at which they can do this using the pure bred gene pool is extremely accelerated vs if they were to do through DNA research in humans.

Secret Life Of Dogs

Sit back and ENJOY!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring - City of Ottawa Dog Classes

Spring is just around the corner!!  Is it time to think about some training for you and your puppy, or older dog?  Let's all work at making our fur friends good neighborhood citizens.
 with my best bud "Rocky" 
The City of Ottawa offers several levels of dog obedience.  I've been teaching out of the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center off of Richmond/Carling Ave, since 1994 (Lev 1-3).  Classes are also held in Kanata @ the Glen Cairn Community Centre (Lev 1 & 2), and for Puppy Kindergarten, in Stittsville.  Registrations are now open on-line (search dog obedience) or you can call the City directly @ 311.  Classes start beginning of April.
 How's your recall?
 practicing long downs with distractions @ Lakeside Gardens
 long sits
graduating class

Finding reasons for what you train for - and putting them into practice!
a group Xmas picture!

Hope to see you there.  Happy Dog Days!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OKC Sanction Match - Mar 2, 2013

Had fun at the Ottawa Kennel Club Sanction Match this past weekend.  With the help of quite a few of my sheltie friends pitching in and doing extra show training, Shelamo Rais'n The Bar, Shelamo Watermark and a BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky son, "Sam" owned by L. Howie was Winners Male & Best of Opposite!

Our two are sired by Am/Cdn Ch Reinmar's Firecracker ROMC out of our Shelamo Seriously Sinful.

Our Shelamo Rais'n The Bar did us proud!
 (iphone photo thanks MAY)
"Raisin's" presentation Group 2nd and Best Puppy In Group
after winning Winners Female, BOW, Best of Breed
"Raisin's" brother was there too
(ipad phone L Howie)
 "Raisin" goes on to win BEST PUPPY IN MATCH!
plus our Co-owned girl with Penny Woodruff, "Yoyo" was Reserve Winners Female



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