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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Opal is 13 years old today - Happy Birthday Sweetie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our foundation girl Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC. She turns THIRTEEN years old today - May 21, 1998. She has a long list of decedents that make our kennel what it is today. This list includes some very versatile dogs, doing all kinds of fun things with their owners.

pictured in 2005

Isn't retirement grand! 2010
they just don't make beds big enough! December 2010
Opal in 2009

Her decedents that have earned titles

1st generation

BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector
Ch Shelamo's Sure Fire CD, RA
Ch Shelamo's Show Case
Ch Shelamo Party At The Palace
Ch Shelamo Play For Kix
RBIS Ch Shelamo Sugar Shack
Shelamo Truffle Delight RA
ATCH Shelamo's Highland Eagle ADC RN-MCL, RA-MCL, AGN, AGDC, ADDC,AGN, AGI, SMADC, SMTRDC (May 19/11 earned his Expert Standard Bronze & Bronze Versatility Award @ 10+ yrs old)

grand kids

BPIB Ch Shelamo Heart's Delight (Sugar Shack daughter)
Ch Shelamo That's Amore (Sugar Shack daughter)
Ch Shelamo Sugar Rush (Sugar Shack son)
MBPIB Ch Shelamo Jumping Jelly Bean (Sugar Shack, son)
BPIS Ch Shelamo's Changing Winds (Party At The Palace son)
BPIB Ch Shelamo Winds At My Back (son of an Opal daughter, sired by Changing Winds)
MBPIB Ch Shelalmo Tyme Descends (Prospector daughter)
Ch Burleigh The Excavator (Prospector son)
Shelamo's Main Sail RN (Prospector son)
Shelamo Excuse My Dust CD, CGN (Prospector son)
Saravan's Silhouette At Shelamo CD (Prospector daughter)
Shelamo's Precious Cargo HIT (Kix x Sure Fire, daughter)

Great Grand Kids

MBPIG Ch Shelamo Riding The Wind, 2011 ASSA 2nd Placement (Tyme Descends daughter)
BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky HIC (Tyme Descends son)
Ch Shelamo Sands of Time (Main Sail daughter)

Great Great Grand Kids

BPISS MBPIG Ch Shelamo Flash Forward (Riding The Wind daughter)

and if those aren't enough .... Shelamo dogs seem to do some awesome things

Shelamo Autumn Dream
who LOVES to ride shot gun in his own motorcycle trailer

the Morin's with Casey in his trailer
a BPIS Ch Shelamo Changing Winds son


Priscilla May 21, 2011 at 8:27 AM  

Happy Birthday, Opal!
What a gorgeous girl you're!

Linda May 22, 2011 at 12:38 AM  

Opal has given treasured puppies to so many families. We are all SO grateful. Happy Birthday Opal! from Gryphon and Whistler.

Kav May 22, 2011 at 7:59 AM  

Opal looks like the Queen Bee. Love the picture of her hanging out of her bed. too cute! Looks like she has the whole retirement thing well in hand. :-)


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