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Monday, October 31, 2011

An Extended Family 'Jigs' Evening

My sister's family was entertaining company ... one of her husband's bother & their family from Newfoundland. So last nite we headed over for a family Jigs dinner. I should have taken pictures of ALL the food that was there ... turkey, turnips, mashed potatoes, REAL salted beef from the "Rock", cooked cabbage, fried sweet potatoes, carrots, and gravy. I think I got it all :) After the early dinner we all headed out to a local arena to watch my youngest nephew play hockey.

A good slap shot that the goalie stopped.
The family in the bleachers. There were 10 of us all total.
back row to Alexander in red cap
front row ~ visiting family ~ to sister in white
bottom row brother-in-law
Oh, oh, my sister now sees me shooting pics
and now she's gone! caught you Karen!


Tyme/Rush pups 1 wk old

Our Tyme puppies turned a week old on Sunday. They've all almost doubled their weight and now they take up the whole space in this red bed. As you can see they still want to nuzzle in.

~ pups eyes won't open till closer to the end of this week ~


Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Rush x Tyme Litter is Here

Our Rush x Tyme litter arrived successfully on Saturday, Oct 22/11. All 5 girls were born, during the day, within 4 hours from the time her labour started. They weighted in between 4.1 and 5.6 oz. It has meant that couch duty was called for the last two nights to ensure the 2 smaller ones could navigate properly. As I post this, they've all gained good weight, with last night being uneventful, hopefully with eyes on everyone today, I'll be able to get a nights sleep in bed.The gang is all here.
Yes, that is a handful of 5 pups!
everyone snuggling in @ 2 days of age
~@ 2 days of age it's just a pile of pups~

at this age it's nurse, stay together, and keep warm
pups have higher temperature needs at this age and can't regulate their own body temp till they are closer to 2 wks of age



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