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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Never Easy Saying Good Bye

Dec 6, 2006 - January 26, 2012

It is with great sadness that we had to send our Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends, at such a young age, across the Rainbow Bridge.

In less than 5 days she went from a happy girl, pushing her food away for later, then with a bit it coming back up later, to yesterday interested but refusing food and a bit out of sorts. There were no other outward signs. Blood test were insignificant, xrays & ultrasound showed a light mass which the thought was maybe ovarian issues. Her litter of pups was almost 14 wks ago.

Surgery was scheduled for today, which we found a large mass cell tumor attached to her upper intestines & pancreas. There was also another one near the spine. No way was surgical removal possible and prognosis for any treatment was grave at best.

Hard as it was we didn't wake her up.

She leaves behind a great legacy ...

her daughter
Ch Shelamo Riding The Wind (ASSA 2011 placement)
& her daughters
MPBIS BPISS Ch Shelamo Flash Forward (2011#3 Sheltie Puppy In Canada)
& Ch Shelamo Deja Vu

her son
BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Wind

and now ...
growing out are her 3 daughters, Mocha, Cocoa & Gem

"Tyme's" father BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector
& mother Shelamo Mata Hari

and her grandmother
Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC

are all still with us here

We will miss you dearly "Tyme Tyme".
Rest well, till we meet you at the Rainbow Bridge


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Canadian Winters ~ YUCK

This is what I found when I went to put the dogs out this morning. So much for mother nature being kind. We had a bit of wet snow, a lot of rain/freezing rain all day yesterday and into the evening, and then went into a major deep freeze overnite. The poles just couldn't handle the frozen weight. Going to be a job taking it down, as all the snow/ice is just one big hunk in the middle, and with the windchill at -23C or so, and no extra daytime hands, guess it will have to wait till the weekend with warmer temps. Such a pitty ... and it never dawned on us ... DAH!, we should have removed the tarp for the winter.
Dogs all went nuts at first, woofing their heads off ~ "What is this in our backyard!"


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dogs and Kids ~ Learning As They Go

These pictures came via a client of ours who owns one of our dogs that is 1.5 yrs old now. The fun to be had by all after Xmas presents are opened.

Now you tell me, who's teaching who?

You spin 1st ... ah, ha, the blue, wouldn't you say!
and we do it how?
by george I think we've got it ... we'll both start on the blue
Is this how we do it? I hit it 1st, does that mean I won?!
Oh, so the Twister game is over? Now on to skate boarding? Isn't that a summer sport?
I think I can figure this one out ... easy does it!

Now how cute is that?! Thanks Karen, these are priceless pictures.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Trixie's Pups 3 wks

Blue Merle male
Trixie's pups are now 3 wks of age. Other than being able to hold their heads up a little better, for a little longer, I hear little growls or woofs from time to time, a little bit of mouthing, they aren't up to much else, other than growing!
Blue Merle male & tri brother
Bi-Black Female
Tri female

May I enjoy this "quieter" time for the next week, just cleaning them & watching them grow, for within another week Trixie's job will slow down and I'll be more on constant 'call', and a more regular clock of caring.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sheltie Strut ~ Shelamo New Ads

We're pleased to have our MBPIS BPISS Ch Flash Forward as the Cover Page for Sheltie Strut this coming week.
Our Shelamo dogs have done well this past year, in both conformation & the performance arena. You'll also find this advertisement in the Performance section.
These 3 Shelamo shelties are all owned, and were trained & handled by Judy Flanigan this past yr. I take my hat off to her for all her efforts in trailing 3 dogs this past year and achieving the rankings she did in not only Shelties but overall in Ontario & Canada. From what I can see, no other person achieved such high standards on 3 dogs this past year in Rally.

Interestingly all 3 dogs are descendent through our Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC.

In February check us out in the Feature Breeder's Corner!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our AOAC pups @ 2wks

Trixie's litter is looking very nice. They are now just over 2 wks of age and all eyes are open. The blues are still too young to determine if their eyes will be brown or blue, or one of each. All pups eyes at this age have that glassy 'blue' hue. As we check each one and as their eyes become open, we say "Hey there, welcome to the World!". We finally have a 2nd way of introducing ourselves to them. Up to now it's only been scent. Ears will now open during the next week.

they are now learning how to hold their heads up
L-R Tri male, Tri female, Biblack female
The two blue(s) brothers (biblue is on the left)

the biblack female ~ she was the 1st to open her eyes



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