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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Agility @ our National Equestrian Park

These agility trials are held at our National Equestrian Park. The same place as many of you into horse jumping would have seen Big Ben of Perth, Ont (just minutes from us) compete. In his prime he won many awards here. I had the pleasure of seeing him several times here and also sponsored an award that Jill Henselwood won one yr.

Here is the fountain & pond that is viewed upon entering the main grassed ring areas.

This pic is taken from across the pond. Several families of Canada Geese were there, watching intently over their brood. I could count 13 babies in this family.


Never Too Old To Do Agility

The woman in this picture running her bi-blue sheltie is 83 yrs old! Sure hope I'm as nimble and as quick when I'm that age!


Another Day At The Agility Trials

Today the sun was trying hard to come out. The morning for the competitors was in pouring rain, AGAIN!
Tic (and Jack) flying thru the weave poles. This course was called Gamblers.
Tic you're supposed to touch the bottom contact point!! Not FLY off it!

Panda in Jumpers.
Panda (and Kate) heading home to the finish line. This course was called Jumpers.
In the background you can see all the many vendor tents. A must have Credit Card walk! Below is the back of the chair that Jack & Pauline had done some years ago when competiting with their other Shelamo girl Harmony. I WANT one! sigh .... one of these days.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Start 'Em Young

And no!!! I don't mean the dogs! Check out this young teenager doing the course with her lab mix. Yes, there were times she was faster than he/she was, but they were doing a 'best bud time' in the ring. I applaud her for getting to this level.


Agility - Day 1/3 - Speedy Shelamo Dogs

This weekend in Ottawa there is a large agility competition, which we're proud to have 3 of our dogs competiting in. Today I was able to be ring side to see one round of Jack & Tic flying through the course.

Tic going easy up the A-frame.

And then Tic comes FLYING out of the tunnel ... it was hard to follow her and not miss capturing a moment she was SO fast. Look at the stretch in the one back leg as she corners for the next jump ... ouch!Heading home to the finish line. I'm not sure who will make it there 1st, Jack or Tic???

Am hoping this rainy weather breaks as the grass was slippery, mud ankle deep in some areas & rivers of water running thru many of the competitors tents. Dogs tho didn't seem to be complaining, many were mud up to their bellies. Hopefully I'll be there again when the other 2 have their runs.


Pool Opening

Pools are Summer Fun, but work! This is the pool still closed up from the winter. 1st the pool company comes in, puts the pump back together, attaches all the thingies, puts the chemicals in to start the cleaning process ... and then OH, Lordy! there ain't much water in there and really, our well can't handle some 12,000 gals, so we have to have water brought in.

Too bad it's rained for 2 days steady, and hasn't even made a dent in the water level. Go figure? Now the truck starts pumping and in 15 mins we're almost full.

The water is slowing down 'cause the water truck is now dry. The last bit we'll do with water from the well. Now we just need sun and the solar blanket to do its job. Come on heat & SUNSHINE!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 7 Robin Updates & New Mother Sparrow Seen

Sush! Everyone is sleeping! We'll say they are around 7 days old based on my 1st pics of them. All packed together, they are just one mass of babies starting to grow their feathers.

Above is a split picture of Mrs Robin and not far away Mrs Sprarrow (I think). Knew the nest was a rafter away but not that it was occupied! You can just see her beak poking out beside the wire. She's situated too high up for me to get pics of her babies.

Mrs Robin flew in and fed, then headed back out ... one birdie is saying 'More Pls!!!"


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Sweet Being A Baby Robin Is

Obviously mother Robin is taking good care of her little ones.


One Last Thing Before The Show Weekend is Over

Always have to remember to remove the show dog's collars. And then we'll check on how the robins are doing.


Worked on Come, now what about STAY

The come command worked well, now what about STAY! Got 3 of them (the older ones!) to listen, where'd the other 2 go?

Now we've got them all together, practise, practise, practise!


Never Miss The Opportunity to Practise the Come Command

I always use an opportunity to use the come command. Just love to see their coats floating in the air.


Bum Rubs - what we do for our dogs

Oh, that feels SO good!
Casino was so into her bum rub by MA.


Are Dogs Really Like Cows???

After a day at our local conformation show it was time for a relaxing walk in the fields.

Pictured is our good friend Mary Anne with 5 of the dogs ... Rocky (my Main Man) retired blue girl Casino, retired Opal, tri girl is MA's Ebony and Flicka is in there too.

Why do dogs need to be like cows? We weren't far into our walk and everyone's got to munch on the new field grass shoots just like cows! Com'on guys let's get going!


Camera View Point

I can't see inside the nest, so have to climb on the doggie play structure, hold & aim the camera into the nest and hope for the best. Mom's on the fence waiting for me to leave so she can feed her babies.

In the rafters of our dog pen a mother Robin has nested! We'll be trying to follow her success. She doesn't seem to be bothered by me nor the dogs in the pen.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Morning Mr. Blue Jay!

A Blue Jay from our deck

As we start our Blog, now the beginning of May/09 just off our deck is a Blue Jay making itself at home. Nice to see colour coming to life, even if it's mostly the dandilions popping up all over.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our old girl "Opal" lazing in the sun

Just outside, what we call our Canine Suite is our deck where our puppies play, our pregnant girls & our 'house mice' enjoy doing what they want. Here's our oldest girl, our foundation girl, our ROMC girl enjoying the May afternoon sunshine. Oh, what life is like as a dog!



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