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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vaccinations - Yes? No?

 An Inexpensive Tool To Reduce Pet Vaccination

Check out this article on this website page to learn a tad bit more on all the goings on regarding what you can question regarding the vaccination of your dog.  One important fact too, is to understand your breed.

Dogs Naturally Magazine

I've read, and have heard of at least 2 shelties that the diagnosis of autoimmune hemolytic anemia, occurred not long after vaccine boosters at middle age.  More and more research seems to be pointing us in the direction of over vaccination, which specifically has resulted in the Canine Rabies Challenge Fund.

Education on your pet's health is the first step.  I'm no expert, just always learning.  Science is moving at such a fast pace these days.

Also, for those of you in the Ottawa area, I can tell you there has already been an increase in the number of ticks found on dogs.  So if you're out in the woods, or even long grass don't forget to do a constant check on your dog.  Ticks can especially be found around the neck, ears, face and belly.  I understand right now that there is a 4 week backlog in getting the tick you find on your dog analyzed due to the high volume being seen.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Titles - Indie & Travis

More titles for our Shelamo Dogs!

Owners Chantelle & Eric hare having a blast with these two boys.

"Travis" did so well in his Herding Instincts test in April the evaluator recommended they pursue the sport.  He's now a Therapy Dog and the goal is to work in the community.


And then there's the younger boy "Indie"who turns 2 today!  Happy Birthday!

 Shelamo Code Name Spitfire ADC SGDC

In just 4 trials he earned both his Starters titles in agility,  They say his learning ability is just stunning, shaping behaviours in under 5 minutes.  He's done a "Canine Nosework" class and did so well that they've started a Tracking class.  He's also working in obedience with the goal of getting ready to enter Rally O and Obedience trials.

WOW!  Just makes me tired thinking about all this guy (and owner) do!  Sure not a dull moment :)

His CKC name couldn't have suited him more!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday "Opal"!!!

Sorry "Opal" something went wrong with the scheduling of your Birthday wishes yesterday - know you enjoyed basking in the sunshine .... 
Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC (5 Cdn Ch's, 1 BPIS Ch, 1 Am Ch)
(Linden Winsong North 'N South x Ch Scotholme Arhope Dyamond)
(pictured in 2009 @ the CC&SSA Specialty as a Veteran)

We're celebrating another birthday!  "Opal" turns 14 today (dob May 21, 1998).  A reminder of how time flies, and how much we've accomplished through her.  We are now working on 5 generations deep through her kids.

The newest ones are MBPIS BPISS Ch Shelamo Flash Forward, and our 6 month old Shelamo A Moment Of Tyme that just placed 2nd in her Jr Puppy Class at our CSSA National last week.

She's now deaf, has scared more than one person trying to wake her when she's been in a deep sleep, however is more than wide awake when food is present!  Needless to say, "Opal's" past time is to be a mini vacuum, checking crates for left overs and making a tour of the kitchen floor & table area to see if Mike just happened to drop any tidbits when cooking meals.  She's got a good right paw 'hook' too, if you don't pay enough attention to her.

She has been the best whelper and mother to the pups she's raised; couldn't have asked for anything better.  She made our lives raising her pups so easy.  She is what we breeder's call an 'easy keeper'.

Happy Birthday, "Opal", enjoy your (same) day with Mike.
 Am sure this is how she'll spend her day :)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sheltie Strut National Advertising

 Advertising's from our last CSSA National are now up on Sheltie Strut.

Full CSSA National results can be found here.  Thanks to Pennylynn of Ruffleith shelties for all the hard work she did in bringing this National to 'life' around the world.


Happy Birthday "Casino"!!!

Ch Shelamo Burleigh Casino Rama CGN CD
(BIS BISS Am/Cdn Ch Toven Wintertide CD ROMC  x Shelamo Linden Decoration)

Our resident blue eye'd beauty turns 12 years old today (May 20/2000).  She is pictured with "Rocky" BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector who turned 12 this past January.  Her best love is hanging out with Mike in his chair and getting tummy rubs.  She continues to go with me as a demo dog for the  obedience classes I teach.

Shelamo Linden Decoration is a litter sister to our "Opal" Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC which is "Rocky's" dam.

Happy Birthday "Casino", proud of you being such an ambassador here at Shelamo.


Friday, May 18, 2012

"Karma" and Alexa - new Rally Title

We're pleased to hear that Shelamo Making Spirits Brite (Ch Fairfax Hallmark x Shelamo Tia Maria) obtained her Rally Novice title this past weekend.  She had 3 1st placements and 1 2nd.  Alexa and "Karma" are working on their Rally Advanced and are in agility too.

She has matured into such a lovely girl!  Congrats ladies on a job well done.


Monday, May 14, 2012

CSSA National 2012

We had the pleasure of attending our CSSA National 2012 in Ancaster, Ontario this past week and we were very pleased with the placement of our dogs.

The first to be shown was our Shelamo A Moment of Tyme in the Junior Puppy Class.  This was her 1st show at just over 6 mths of age and was awarded 2nd place in a competitive class.  This was a special win, a special moment, as I'm sure her dam Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends whom we had to say good-bye to in January was looking down.

We had so many ring side comments on this girl, I thank you.

Then it was our Shelamo She's Got Moxi's turn in the Open Black class where Kim Wendling stepped in for me. Here are some candid photos I was able to take.
"Moxi" in the line up - Hi there judge, what ya got?!
Coming at ya ...
is that chicken for me?!  I'm baiting Kim!
"Moxi" wins her class!
 And not least in Specials our Ch Shelamo Riding The Wind made the 1st cut in the bitches.  She's also a Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends daughter.

At the very end of the National, there are various Parades, one being the Veterans which I do believe there needs to be tissue boxes put out around the ring.  I had the honour of show casing Ch Shelamo's Sure Fire CGN, CD, RE for owner Judy Flanigan.  "Amber's" brother BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector was also to be exhibited, however we didn't have enough room to bring him with us.  Thanks to Evelyn Susin for taking this lovely shot of the two of us.  Judy you should be so proud of the accomplishments you put on the end of her name especially her #22 sheltie 2011 Rally ranking with her at 11.5 yrs of age.
There was one other sheltie there - it did forget to read our standard tho:).  Linda James & her husband of Ravenscourt sheltie did an awesome job of this sheltie topiary that was front and center at the show.  It went up for auction which raised a lot of money for the National, I'm just not sure what size of crate it needed to get home!  Just might have to invite Linda & her husband here for a week to make one for us:)

Great week, enjoyed seeing some very lovely dogs, (believe I found a great mate for "Moxi") friends in shelties that come from afar that we only see every few years, and a congrats to the host club for putting on a well run event.



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