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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day for "Annie's" Owner

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Celebrating a Life Well Done
Rod Keegan, Prescott, Ontario
June 28, 1916 - November 16, 2012

Many of you have followed my previous posts on the sudden death of "Annie's" owner last November, with her by his side.  Due to our sales contract, his executor searched us down, as per his wishes, and she came back to us to live out her life.  Rod's memorial was moved to the spring when family and friends from as far as Vancouver, down east (came by motorcycle in the chilly rain), and even a niece that resides during the winter in Mexico, were all able to come.

I was invited to come, and bring his beloved fur friend "Annie".  It was held at the Prescott Golf Course where Rod totally immersed himself, and as I've heard in his later years would wander several holes with "Annie", just hitting some balls for the fun of it.
"Annie" enjoying her chewie in between visits on the blanket Rod had for her
there was a large crowd of in-laws, 'out'-laws, friends, and family
his Executor Sue and partner Derek
They did an awesome job of putting out old photos, newspaper articles on his life working in the photo dark room, events @ the Prescott Golf Club done by the Prescott newspaper, his kazoos he loved to play, and a lovely power point presentation.

This said a lot about Rod's life

 "Annie" - the love she gave came back 10 fold
"Annie" doing one last walk on the last hole
After the power point presentation there were many friends and family members that were asked to tell their stories of Rod.  I was in total awe of this man's life and experiences.  And yes, I was asked to say a few words on the life I knew of him with "Annie" and a few experiences he shared with me.

I'd heard of the many stories of how Rod would go to the Prescott Library to sit by the fire and read, almost every day with "Annie" by his side.  She was the only dog allowed in the library!  They were there the afternoon of his passing.

So, since I was so close, I just had to stop by on my way home.  I let "Annie" lead me up the steps and to the door.  It was a very emotional moment to see her go to the door, stiff the opening, and stand there, waiting for it to open.  She'd sniff, look through the glass, sniff again .... patiently waiting ....
 looking back at me as if to say "well, aren't we going in?"
I let her lead me down the walk way and towards the street; it was as if she knew her way back home and towards the golf course.  She went with a purpose and a 'come follow me' presence.  I've never experienced this with one of our shelties, when in very unfamiliar territory.
The street was a very quiet one, so I knocked on a house across from the library, told them who I and "Annie" were - they remembered her well - and asked if one of them would take a 'memory' picture of me with "Annie".

It was disappointing that the library was closed as I would have liked to have seen what she would have done, although not unexpected given it was now around 5:30pm.  A long day for "Annie" as our trip had started around noon.
and so the journey of Rod's life ends .... however, not without some wild flower seeds to sow in his memory.
"Annie" on the right as she enjoys her senior years
with her 1/2 brother (middle) and his mother (left) all over 13 yrs of age now



Heart Breaking Losses

It is with a heavy heart that I have a few losses to talk about.

Back in early January one of our dedicated Shelamo clients, Judy Flanigan, had to say good bye to their "Truffles" after a year long battle of illness that did not see resolutions as much as was tried.

Then on May 21 their "Amber" at 13+ yrs of age, without much warning, became seriously ill, although treatment was tried, she was fading before them to which another hard decision had to be made.

Judy's dedication to these two girls was more than one could ask.  Her work with "Amber" to obtain obedience and rally titles after we retired her was more than we could have asked.

We send our condolences to the whole Flanigan family.

"Amber" and "Truffles" were 1/2 sisters out of our Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC.
on the left
Ch Shelamo's Sure Fire CD, RN
January 31, 2000 - May 21, 2013

on the right
Shelamo Truffle Delight CD, RN
March 15, 2005 - January 4, 2013

I will treasure this picture of "Amber" and I, taken at our CSSA National 2012 after her participation in the Veteran's Parade


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Picture Worth A Thousands Words

On Saturday May 18th, Linda Howie took her son of BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky HIC, ADC, SGDC to a herding instinct test and this absolutely beautiful photograph was captured during his run by Erika.


Magennis Sea To Skye HIC
(CKC pointed)

This picture has so many components to it from the woolly sheep, to their fuzzy kids sticking with their mothers, the green spring grass, clear blue skies -  but for the sheltie - the fact of his general outline in his stance, there is the air calmness, yet alert, and showing nobility as he oversees this flock of sheep as he waits for the lambs to settle.  Needless to say, Sam passed his Herding Instinct Test with the best possibly score!  Working quietly, gathering well, responsive, adjusted position, kept stock together, to name a few on his score card.

If you wish to learn more on what is tested for you can go here .... ASSA Herding

Congrats Linda on a great run with Sam!  Sam was bred by Eileen Seirup of Magennis, NY, USA.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Opal is Celebrating her 15th Birthday!

Opal & Rocky

Today our Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC has turned 15 years!  Here she is pictured with her BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector who's now 13+ yrs old.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

How's Your Day with "GOD" ?

God Made A Dog - YouTube

Have a Pawsitively good day ....


Monday, May 6, 2013

Flirt Pups - 7 wks Already!

We took the opportunity yesterday to capture 4 of Flirt's pups that turned 7 wks.  Thanks to Marylou for coming to help, and Penny for working with me to capture these pics.
 the smaller male
 white faced girl
 smallest girl
 we call her the plain faced one
 plain faced one - girl
the big girl!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Teaching The Young Ones

One of the many things I try and do in our community is to help instill being a Good Canine Citizen.

On Wednesday I went with Mary Lou (her girl "Sadie") and 5 of our puppies/dogs, to one of my client's Sparks & Brownie night for Doggie Appreciation.  We discussed what it takes to own a dog, proper care, why it's important to have quiet feet, quiet voices, especially around young dogs, and how to approach dogs with their owners and how to be a 'tree' and what to do, if a puppy nips them in play.  We discussed what to look for health wise - they were quiet knowledgeable on proper grooming and looking for fleas, ticks.
Mary Lou with her girl "Sadie" during the individual how to approach a dog session
information session, after each one had practiced proper approaching a dog and their owner
 Our 10 month old "Raisin" had a ball and enjoyed all the attention!
 "Raisin" in the middle of all it all
Kris Morin (my client) with our "Rocky" getting the circle ready for the puppies
At 13 yrs old, BPIS Am/Cdn Ch "Rocky" lapped up all the spot light :)
and as deaf as he is now he showed them all his 'show show' moves to a tee - to say I'm proud of my boy is an understatement
The 'circle'
We had the girls make a 'human x-pen' for the puppies.
3 puppies @ just under 7 wks, the girls learned the importance of being still, with quiet voices and allowing the pups to come to them.

I remember my days as a Brownie & Guide, and WOW, their uniforms certainly aren't what I wore!!  No more skirts, no more hats.

I hope we helped these girls work towards their Vision .....

"Girl Guides of Canada, the organization of choice for girls and women, makes a positive difference in the life of every girl and woman who experiences Guiding so she can contribute responsibly to her communities."

Must say I took home tired puppies!  and TG, no messes during the car ride.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puppy Fun - Floating A Boat!

Aye Aye, Captain I Am! Got my own boat to float.

 Aye - No Ya Don't!!! It's my ship!!!! Back off!!!
 Ok, ok, but ya're 2nd mate, get it?
 Oh, No ... Incoming! Hung up are ya? HA!!
 Well, mate ... this is your ship to float now - 3's a crowd and 4th one incoming, I'm bailing!
 I'm 2nd mate!!! Back off!
I'll just do a straight in dive, and come in right over the side!
dang ... who moved the boat? I couldn't have gotten hung up? Really ?? I thought at 6 wks old I could put it all in motion ... or not .... yet ....
Incoming!!!! I'll show you how it's done!!
 eeekkkk ... or not! Are you sure there wasn't in utero training for this?
Ok, now I'm in. I'll man the bow, you folks figure out the rest. This floating a boat is hard work.

These are our 6 wk old Rio x Flirt Litter

Enjoy your Day!


Ottawa Area - Heartworm & Lyme Disease Seminar & Clinic

In conjunction with the Spring shows The Ottawa Kennel Club is holding a
Heartworm & Lyme Disease Seminar and Clinic

Seminar - Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Location: Dining Hall, Richmond Fairgrounds

Speaker: Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine, Royal Canin

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Cost per Person: $5.00 plus a non-perishable item for the Richmond Food

(Coffee and Tea provided)


Clinic - Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Location: Richmond Animal Hospital

6174 Perth Road, Richmond, ON. K0A Z20 (across the road from the

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $45.00 per Dog

Preregistration required

For information and preregistration

Contact :
Sue Fenton


Christine and Larry Surtees




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