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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puppy Fun - Floating A Boat!

Aye Aye, Captain I Am! Got my own boat to float.

 Aye - No Ya Don't!!! It's my ship!!!! Back off!!!
 Ok, ok, but ya're 2nd mate, get it?
 Oh, No ... Incoming! Hung up are ya? HA!!
 Well, mate ... this is your ship to float now - 3's a crowd and 4th one incoming, I'm bailing!
 I'm 2nd mate!!! Back off!
I'll just do a straight in dive, and come in right over the side!
dang ... who moved the boat? I couldn't have gotten hung up? Really ?? I thought at 6 wks old I could put it all in motion ... or not .... yet ....
Incoming!!!! I'll show you how it's done!!
 eeekkkk ... or not! Are you sure there wasn't in utero training for this?
Ok, now I'm in. I'll man the bow, you folks figure out the rest. This floating a boat is hard work.

These are our 6 wk old Rio x Flirt Litter

Enjoy your Day!



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