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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day for "Annie's" Owner

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Celebrating a Life Well Done
Rod Keegan, Prescott, Ontario
June 28, 1916 - November 16, 2012

Many of you have followed my previous posts on the sudden death of "Annie's" owner last November, with her by his side.  Due to our sales contract, his executor searched us down, as per his wishes, and she came back to us to live out her life.  Rod's memorial was moved to the spring when family and friends from as far as Vancouver, down east (came by motorcycle in the chilly rain), and even a niece that resides during the winter in Mexico, were all able to come.

I was invited to come, and bring his beloved fur friend "Annie".  It was held at the Prescott Golf Course where Rod totally immersed himself, and as I've heard in his later years would wander several holes with "Annie", just hitting some balls for the fun of it.
"Annie" enjoying her chewie in between visits on the blanket Rod had for her
there was a large crowd of in-laws, 'out'-laws, friends, and family
his Executor Sue and partner Derek
They did an awesome job of putting out old photos, newspaper articles on his life working in the photo dark room, events @ the Prescott Golf Club done by the Prescott newspaper, his kazoos he loved to play, and a lovely power point presentation.

This said a lot about Rod's life

 "Annie" - the love she gave came back 10 fold
"Annie" doing one last walk on the last hole
After the power point presentation there were many friends and family members that were asked to tell their stories of Rod.  I was in total awe of this man's life and experiences.  And yes, I was asked to say a few words on the life I knew of him with "Annie" and a few experiences he shared with me.

I'd heard of the many stories of how Rod would go to the Prescott Library to sit by the fire and read, almost every day with "Annie" by his side.  She was the only dog allowed in the library!  They were there the afternoon of his passing.

So, since I was so close, I just had to stop by on my way home.  I let "Annie" lead me up the steps and to the door.  It was a very emotional moment to see her go to the door, stiff the opening, and stand there, waiting for it to open.  She'd sniff, look through the glass, sniff again .... patiently waiting ....
 looking back at me as if to say "well, aren't we going in?"
I let her lead me down the walk way and towards the street; it was as if she knew her way back home and towards the golf course.  She went with a purpose and a 'come follow me' presence.  I've never experienced this with one of our shelties, when in very unfamiliar territory.
The street was a very quiet one, so I knocked on a house across from the library, told them who I and "Annie" were - they remembered her well - and asked if one of them would take a 'memory' picture of me with "Annie".

It was disappointing that the library was closed as I would have liked to have seen what she would have done, although not unexpected given it was now around 5:30pm.  A long day for "Annie" as our trip had started around noon.
and so the journey of Rod's life ends .... however, not without some wild flower seeds to sow in his memory.
"Annie" on the right as she enjoys her senior years
with her 1/2 brother (middle) and his mother (left) all over 13 yrs of age now



Kav May 28, 2013 at 9:39 AM  

Oh, that whole post brought tears to my eyes! And the look on Annie's face in front of the library! Heart-tugging to say the least. She must have had a special bond with her owner and no wonder, the way you describe his life. So grateful that Annie has a special place to live out her senior years!

Peggy Herring,  May 30, 2013 at 12:56 PM  

Thank you so much for this post & all the lovely photos! I'm the niece from Vancouver (actually, Victoria, but it's just a hop across the pond). It was so wonderful to see Annie again, to see her thriving and healthy despite her big loss. I had a big laugh at your story even though I'd already heard it. But stories about dear old Uncle Rod are a bit like can never hear them too many times. Again, thanks for making the effort to bring Annie back to those of us who've known her over the years.

Marilyn May 30, 2013 at 4:06 PM  

Thanks Maureen. Made me shed a tear too. And thank you for making it possible for Annie to share the day with us.
By the way the name of the older lady who shows IWs is Barb Daley.

Shelamo Shelties May 30, 2013 at 9:49 PM  

Thank you all for your kind words, appreciate our posts. I was more than happy to be able to bring "Annie", and I do believe there is a deeper reason in my life that this has all happened. I will sow his wild flower seeds to spread more joy.

Peggy it was so nice to have met you, and that you had come so far - I've done that hop more than once :) Victoria is so beautiful, and Marilyn thanks for giving me Barb's full name, been bugging me (and one other friend). Check back as I will continue to keep you up-to-date on "Annie" through this Blog.


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