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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are You Prepared to be Skunked?

If you meet one of these ... probably it will be last potty call at 10 pm or so, when your dog comes
face to face with one! Likely you're not prepared, but then what are you to do, other than panic, if your dog, and maybe you get sprayed? It's certainly not a pretty sight, or should I say smell.
First off, let's try to prevent this kind of incident from happening all together. Make sure you take your dog out on lead and carry a flashlight ... a) you'd like to keep your dog from putting his nose where you don't want it to go, and b) you just might see the light from their eyes, or the white stripe. Skunks only spray if they feel threatened.

However, if it happens what is one to do? Well, at 10 pm you're probably not prepared, right? or maybe after reading this Blog, and you're in an area where you could come into contact with them, you just might have some items on hand.

If you have none of the so called 'skunk-off' products, you can try going to your vet and finding their outside drop off box as they are usually kind enough to leave a bottle there for emergencies. Otherwise, you need to find a safe haven for your dog, out of the house ... like the garage. If you've crate trained your dog, here's a time when it would come in handy. Leaving your dog on a porch or deck, in their crate would also work. The key is to remember that where ever the dog has the skunk's oils on them it will transfer everywhere.

So what can you have on hand. In asking on FB and searching the web there are a couple of tried and true suggestions. Most people haven't found the store bought products to work well as they'd hoped.

This is one, and we can all keep it on hand at a minimal cost.

Take 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (available from any drugstore), 1/4 cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate for you science types) and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap, such as Ivory. Mix in a bucket and immediately apply to the stinky pet. Rinse thoroughly with tap water.


This mixture can be explosive, as it will fizz and creates pressure if it is enclosed in a seal tight container. Never store unused portion, always discard. Be sure to only mix in an open container and do not try to store or cover it in any way. Do not get the mixture into the dog's eyes, nose or mouth.

Another one I was told worked well for them was the clear Ivory dish soap. Wet, lather well & rinse.

And the last one, believe it or not are the feminine hygiene douches! Yep, can you see a man buying a box of it at 11pm at a Shopper's Drug Mart? along with some candles? I've had more than one reply of similar nature :) but those that have tried it say it does work.

One key to remember is the skunk's oils transfer everywhere, have I said that already?! So change your clothes to old ones, use paper towels to soak up any oils you can 1st. Remember, that as you wash the dog the oils transfer from the affected area, so 1st work the skunked area well before doing the rest of the dog. Most often the face is involved, so one must be careful around the eyes. Use an old face cloth, sponge, or paper towels to clean this area - remember you are going to be throwing these things out!

Be prepared, and be alert at night, especially if you're in unknown territory, such as a camping.

Good luck, if this happens to happen to your dog.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back-To-Back Best Puppy In Show Wins

What a thrilling weekend for us and our puppy, now MBPIS BPISS Ch Shelamo Flash Forward. It was a gorgeous weather weekend for showing dogs at the Kingston KC dog show and topping it with Saturday & Sunday, both days taking a Group 3rd and Best Puppy In Show made the long days even more enjoyable.

"Breeze" on Saturday with her Group wins under judge Don Wallace
went on to win BPIS under judge Phyliss Wolfish
Don Wallace - judged her for BPIS on Sunday
"Breeze" hanging out keeping cool before BPIS on Sunday.
really chilling out, waiting is such a hard thing .....
and ... her sister Shelamo Deja Vu was Best of Winners on Friday
pictured with judge Letitia Bett
Winners Bitch on Sunday
Thanks Mary Lou for handling her in the Breed ring

Pictures of her BPIS win are in the mail ... let's hope the postal strike is over real fast!


Spring Graduating Class

Had a great group of students for my Level 1 spring class at one of the community centres I teach at. They all showed remarkable improvement during the 10 wk course, and with the great weather we had at the end we were able to do some distraction training outdoors.

Willow, Bryn, Cooper, Rocky & Buddy

missing this nite was Cowboy


Monday, June 13, 2011

Corki - What Matter?

We're having fun with our new feathered friend, Corki. I wouldn't let my dogs do this ... not sure why I'm letting her?? but so far we've been getting a kick out of it. She's figured she likes spaghetti, only it does need sauce on it.

"What matter?" ... can I check it out?
(I don't think she'll be as smart, or able to talk like Alex the African Grey Parrot, but hey I can try!)
bold! Oh she's bad ... she'll climb down your front if you let her. Now it's on to pizza!
What matter Corki? She likes pizza crusts too!
Only problem ... she can be messy with her little beak bites.
Puppies are getting used to her to ... flapping things is good for puppies to not be afraid of. A week ago she helped me set up the pups in their new enclosure, it was time for them to have more room and work at building those little leg muscles more.


Ruby Pups @ 5wks

Our BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky (Whistler) x Ch Shelamo That's Amore (Ruby) pups are just over 5 wks now. Last week was their 1st time outside for a bit, (while I cleaned their pen) so I took a few pics before they got too warm.

Here's the larger girl ... 'let's see if I can tug this towel across the pen'!

The boy ... 'hey mom, it's a bit warm out here don't ya think?!'

Inside this weekend there was a change of toys ... a new surface to explore .. humm teeth are the best to check things out at this age!
A new tug toy .. let's see if I can remove it!
Maybe I can get it off my undoing the knot?!
The little girl taking a break in her chair ... and it really is HER chair!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Jelli - what next?

MBPIB Ch Shelamo Jumping Jelly Bean - "Jelly Bean" .... surprises, surprises ....
We co-own a boy with Jan & Steve Silcox, and Jan is always finding and giving me treats in his honour. She sent an assortment of flavours for us to enjoy on 2 of our Toronto area dog show trips this past winter ... and then ... at the Kars show didn't we get this box.
Then, at my dog obedience graduation class one of my students gave me this box, as a thank-you .... what he didn't know was the story of jelly bean ...
I found it interesting .... 'filled jelly with chocolate' .. never heard it worded that way before! But, who cares, they are SO ggggoooooood!


Breeze Featured in the New Sheltie Strut Puppy Awards

Check out the new BPIG/BPIS ads on Sheltie Strut
thanks Penny for a super looking ad of our Breeze


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Motorcycling Sheltie

It's that time of year when motorcycle people hit the roads, head out touring ... but ... there's a difference with this family ... towing behind in his own little custom made trailer is a SHELTIE!!! Yes, it's Casey! Turning heads, stopping to take his picture ... Shelamo Autumn Dream, a son of our Shelamo Tia Maria, sired by our BPIS Ch Shelamo Changing Winds.

He came in today for his spring tune-up - a full wash down, suds up, shine up (and trimming the edges).

He's loaded and ready to hit the road.
off they go ... their trip this year is to head to NB, NS, the Cabot Trail and PEI ... so if you're in that vicinity watch for the Motorcycling Sheltie.

His travels will be on Facebook, so if you contact me there, I'll tell you where to find him.


She Ain't Furry, She's Feathered

Meet our new (feathered) friend, Corki. She's a Cockiteal. We've adopted her via sheltie client friends. She's a real personable girl, loves to sit high on her perch on top of her cage during the day. If she spots one of us, especially Mike she'll come flying and find a hand/shoulder to land on.

We have a screened in porch, so when temps are right we've been putting her in her smaller cage so she can enjoy the sunlight, talk to the other birds, and watch the hummingbirds come to the feeder.
She helped me feed the upstairs dogs last nite, funny thing, none of the dogs noticed something 'strange' on my shoulder ... guess they were just too interested in their dinner!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cute Carton For Dog People

not only those that have kids, but those of us with dogs will find this funny too



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