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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From This To That - Spring Grooming

Owners go away for some sunshine & rest during the March break, their dogs come to us for some major play time and to get freshened up, or a makeover in some cases.

Here's Hudson before
and after
Doesn't he look proud here?!
Yes, I'll agree (with my camera anyway), natural sunlight helps enhance their colouring.

When's your sheltie's next full grooming?


Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Obedience Classes

March break is almost over, time to think about getting your dog registered & out to some obedience classes, especially if you have a puppy. It really is an enjoyable, one on one time with you and your dog. They learn it's their special night out, they are going to see their pack of friends and learn something that pleases you.

You learn consistency, for without that in your day to day life with your dog .... well, for some your neighbours may not be too pleased, nor that owner & their dog you run into at the doggie park. Make some time ... your dog will love you for it!

These are my winter Level 2/3 students on their final night @ the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center in the City of Ottawa.

You can also consider doing agility or even flyball depending on what your dog is inclined to do.

If you need inspiration and live in the Toronto area, this weekend (Wed-Sun) there is the All Star Dog Show sponsored by Purina where there are demos of everything from agility & flyball, dock diving, a Rare Breed Dog show and Dogs with Jobs ... now how cool is that?! Wish I lived closer as I'd be going.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Show Chair

Nothing seemed to go right in getting out the door last Thursday to head to the Purina National. One of the MAIN things we forgot were our chairs. Mike had just seen at Costco more in like we have, so a check on our Garmin showed there was one 11/2 hrs on our route. We picked up two new blue ones. Then, lucky for us Shannon Darch Animates from Burlington, Ont had a booth. She does all kinds of art work & caricatures on various items. I've seen her work ... she's the one that did the chair for our agility clients of their girl Harmony. We just never seem to be at an event where she is, or are around long enough for her to do one ... plus, dah ... one has to have the picture they'd like for her to work from.

the Richardson's chair of their 1st agility star Harmony

So, now with new chairs, and Shannon at the show, a computer @ the hotel to go on emails, I was able to get Penny Woodruff to send me the picture her son Tyler took of Breeze @ the show 2 wks ago for her to work from.
This is the end product. Love it! Now to have one done with her great great grandfather Rocky. Shannon can be found on Facebook - Shannon Darch Animates.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Year's The Purina National

Mike and I had a great time away this past weekend at The Purina National, a CKC Charity Event which was held again this year at the International Centre in Toronto. Here is a sampling of pictures I took.
This is the grooming area which over 850 dogs, excluding the obedience & rally ones spent their days. The rings are located at the far end, you can just see the yellow bleachers in the background. The obedience & rally area was in a separate room which I'm sure they all enjoyed much more than last year's set-up.
Purina used the far end for their Park and the Breeders Village. On Sat & Sun there were line-ups at most of the areas. Each of their foods were featured with events in each area. There was face painting, spinning a wheel for prizes, doggie video games with an exercise game area for kids, computers for spectators to explore PawsWay, and an Ask The Expert area.

Experts Corner
Paws Way entrance - looking at the grooming area, and onto the show rings; vendors were down the sides

We took our 7 month old Breeze, and altho she didn't come away with points this weekend, she stole the hearts of many. She enjoyed meeting all the new people, kids, no problem with loud speakers, finding her small favourite potty spots that weren't asphalt (gotta be a real dog person to understand this one!), and enjoying her hotel stay. She is SO like her great grandfather Rocky and how he handled his show travels, it's uncanny.
The front of the Purina Breeder's Hospitality Suite. The key player was LauraLee (standing). The job she did, well I hope she takes a few days rest as she will need it. They were dressed up for the Saturday evening group and Best In Show judging.
Every day (as a ProPlan Club Member) we checked in, received all kinds of goodies and were treated to breakfast and lunch. And let me tell you, considering what we didn't get at our hotel this was so much appreciated. The ladies that did the catering and keeping us satisfied are to be applauded.
Pictures of various member's wins we supply are posted on the walls. Behind the main entrance is the Honour Roll where RBIS Ch Shelamo Sugar Shack & BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky are both featured (above the boxes of Alpo & T-Bones, the two bottom ones on the left). On another wall BPIS Ch Shelamo Changing Winds is there.
A view of one side of the rings & spectators for the Saturday night event
Judy came up again this yr from Guelph, joining us both Saturday & Sunday.
Breeze enjoying her chew time in the hotel.
OOPPPS ... distraction!!! Dinner arrived! Ooooo ... this is still piping hot!

After our late morning showing on Sunday, waiting for our lawn chair to be painted (still have pics to take of that) we were able to get on the road home early afternoon. An accident part way home brought traffic to a craw for some 6 km for close to an hour, which was a pain. However, with cell phones we were able to keep our kennel helper on track to make sure dinner didn't over cook!
Look what she made! A stuffed chicken with the extras.
Now look what we find done in our bedroom! A freshly made bed with ironed sheets none the less and this lovely swan decor. Chocolate 'carrot's too .... wondering how much time it took them to do all that!?
Even in the bathroom! I'm wondering if this one is pinning for its mate?

Thanks to "Juanita" and her assistant for looking after the homestead (that was ready to float away with all the rain & thaw), and our dogs.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Newest Sheltie Strut Ads

Last Friday on the Canadian Sheltie Breeders website, we put up 3 ads in the Sheltie Strut area of our recent winning dogs. Check the site out if you have a chance.

Shelamo Flash Forward - "Breeze"

Ch Shelamo Jumping Jelly Bean - "Jelly Bean"
co-owned with the Silcox's


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Show Weekend For Our 2 Young Ones

It was a long, tiring weekend, but our 2 young dogs held themselves together and showed well.

Four of us brave soles - Mary-lou Davidson, Penny Woodruff and her son Tyler, headed down to the Scarborough KC Dog Show in Orangeville, Ontario. There were also 2 Specialties held this weekend. We hit rain as we got closer to our destination, and then it turned to snow on the Saturday. Luckily the sun came out late Sunday morning, which made the roads home decent for driving. We had 2 very long days, a great Saturday dinner with friends, and time to chit-chat with breeders we see just down that way.

Our co-owned (with the Silcox's) 11 month old boy Ch Shelamo Jumping Jelly Bean
He was BOS the 2 days of the regular show along with a BPIB.

Our 7 month old girl Shelamo Flash Forward showed she could keep up with the older gals
by taking Reserve Winners Female and Best Puppy In Breed @ the DC&SSA Specialty under
respected breeder judge Carol Chapman.
She also won Best In Sweeps under breeder judge Cindy Bays

Sorry this Blog is short and sweet, however it's a quick turn around as we have 3 days to catch up, bath/groom, do washing, graduation for my 2 dog obedience classes and repack to head back down to the Toronto area for the annual Purina National Charity Event.

Our adventurous weekend should be show cased on the Ruffleith Blog in due time, so watch my Blog Follow list for when it's posted. What a hoot of a weekend! Not to be missed.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shelamo Flash Forward

The lovely picture of our Breeze winning her 1st points at her 1st show (Best of Winners/Best Puppy In Group) arrived yesterday. Thanks again to breeder judge Judith Bryne for this awesome win.




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