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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Obedience Classes

March break is almost over, time to think about getting your dog registered & out to some obedience classes, especially if you have a puppy. It really is an enjoyable, one on one time with you and your dog. They learn it's their special night out, they are going to see their pack of friends and learn something that pleases you.

You learn consistency, for without that in your day to day life with your dog .... well, for some your neighbours may not be too pleased, nor that owner & their dog you run into at the doggie park. Make some time ... your dog will love you for it!

These are my winter Level 2/3 students on their final night @ the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center in the City of Ottawa.

You can also consider doing agility or even flyball depending on what your dog is inclined to do.

If you need inspiration and live in the Toronto area, this weekend (Wed-Sun) there is the All Star Dog Show sponsored by Purina where there are demos of everything from agility & flyball, dock diving, a Rare Breed Dog show and Dogs with Jobs ... now how cool is that?! Wish I lived closer as I'd be going.



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