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Friday, August 27, 2010

Cesar Millan - Live In Ottawa

Guess what Ottawa??? Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer will be stopping in Ottawa, Wednesday, Nov 3rd, during his Victoria, BC to Montreal, Quebec tour. Check it out here. Want seats now ... read further down

I'm on two mailing lists that gave me a passcode to be able to purchase the PackLeader seats, which as of last nite it was allowing me to do. This was only available until Monday @ 10am, if you knew the passcode, otherwise tickets went on sale to the public. You could only purchase 4 tickets, so fine I get 4 of us to go together. Last confirmation was late last nite, so I figured I'd go on and do it today.

WELL!! don't I find out that I can't get in on with the pass code I had?? Humm, so called the ticket company and am told there were only 12 rows reserved for this special time with Cesar and they sold out by midnight! OK, so can I purchase any of the other seats, with the code I had? nope, not on-line or thru them. That code was just for the PackLeader seats. So, how do I get in on the presales for any of the other seats? He said I would have to search the Internet to find another code, he wasn't allowed to give it out.

OK, so search the web and find one - CANINE. Go back into the ticket presales screen, and NOPE, that doesn't work. Search again and don't I find the one that I rec'd thru the SENS email list I'm on - CMVENUE. YEAH!!! that one works! Go here, follow to Cesar Millan show and click on the Promo/PreSales and try the CMVENUE code.

So, we may not have the PackLeader seats, but we are on the floor.

Very interesting how this all works, how you get in on seat sales before the masses. How you get better seats, if that is what you want. American Express card holders also get in on the preseat sale option.

Learnt something new today. Just disappointed we didn't get the PackLeader seats. Can't wait to go!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Received these photos from one of our puppy client's of their puppy Brody. He is from one of our litters born in May 2010. He's around 14 wks in these pics.

He's already getting the hang of the agility tunnel! NO problem here mom.
Playing goalie with the kids.

Chilling out. Am told he loves being outside on these nice August days.
Thanks Karen for these pics.


SAVE - Purina Busy Bones

I am fond of using the Purina Busy Bones. You don't have to worry about soft chunks getting stuck on the roof of your dog's mouth, caught in their teeth, or gagging on pieces that don't go down right. These are bones hard enough for a good chew, but break away in teeny, tiny pieces.

Right now, at Shoppers Drug Mart, at least in the Ottawa area, they are on sale for at least $2.00 less than you will find at most stores. The sale is on until Oct 8th, 2010.

Check them out on your next stop.


Monday, August 23, 2010

CSSA Magazine Advertisements

We will be showcasing our 3 new Champions this year, in the fall issue of the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Assoc's magazine. This one of our BPIS Shelamo's Riding The Sky, owned by Linda Howie will be in colour.
Thanks to Pennylynn Woodruff for making this ad come to life. Next for Penny will be to deliver her litter by him mid September.

This ad below will be in B&W, of the two litter mates we finished. Ch Shelamo That's Amore and her brother Ch Shelamo Sugar Rush. "Rush" is already proven with a litter of 7, and we're happy to report all his testing is complete and is OK.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shelamo Ticket To Success

Hey folks, come watch Tic as owner Jack Richardson runs her in the Steeplechase at the Agility National that was held @ Spruce Meadows, Calgary AB early Aug. This little gal can really motor.

Thanks Kate for being there and taking the video and working so hard to get it web ready. Can't wait for the other ones.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

LOST - Border Collie, Ikea Mall Area, Ottawa

Nice to know, as fast as I put this up Troy is safely home!!!!!

Just rec'd an email notice thru the dog obedience club I belong to.

There is a Border Collie, named Troy, 11.5 yrs old, that went missing Aug 13th 9-10pm. He has a black & white coat, and also walks with a pronounced limp due to fused knee joints. He went missing near the Ikea Mall, Ottawa (near our 417 hwy), Iris & Highgate Rds.

Phone #'s 613-226-1998 or cell phone 613-867-6245 - permission given to cross post. If I receive a photo I will update this post.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Puppies & Kids At Summer Camp

Kodak & Taphee @ Summer Camp for Kids
Besides the 2 pups tearing up the toilet paper :) Marylou has also taken them to various Summer Camps for Kids around the Ottawa area. Part of these summer camps is to teach kids how to be, and not to be around dogs, and how to properly approach them.

Good for the kids to learn early in life & good socializing for the pups too.


How Much Paper Is In A Roll?

Mornings never go right when you have puppies! Marylou is socializing 2 of our pups from our Rush x Sibelle litter, and guess they had a blast while no one was looking! She sent me this pic this morning.
Harley looking on 'You guys are in BIG TROUBLE!'

This is when you really get to find out how much toilet paper is in one roll :) tee heee


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morning Dew Spider Web

As I go down our basement stairs to the dog kennel I can see out a window to the front garden. Yesterday morning was a foggy, dewy morning and don't I see a semi-circle of what initially appears to be a clump of loose dog hair. Hummm ... a lot to be dog hair and it's quite a ways from the kennel area. Once outside I have a closer look, and nope it's a spider web! It was one of the most awesome ones I've seen. Not at all the usual kind you see in the octagon form. In the middle was a tiny spider, with a bit of yellow on it. The main web seemed to only be held to the adjacent plants by about 5 strands. I moved what leaves I could without disturbing the form to get this picture.

Just had to share one of mother nature's creations. Don't see it this morn.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flicka Was Captured!!

YEAH!! got a call last nite (Tues evening) that Flicka had been captured by a gentleman. She was all wiggles when her owner picked her up. She's none the worse for wear, some small burrs to remove from her coat, and a bath will do just fine.

Thanks to everyone; those I notified by email, and those on Facebook for jumping on the bandwagon and getting the Alert out on this girl.

For anyone reading this, just put it in the back of your mind ... shelties can be strange creatures when they are in unfamiliar areas, and environments that are not their usual stomping grounds. Those especially that are placed when older or acquired through a rescue group, I always say you need to take every precaution for at least 6 wks. Do not let your guard down, as you just never know.

Of all the years (10+ yrs) I was active in sheltie rescue, with my name was out there, there were one too many times I'd be contacted by owners who had their dog go missing and wanted advice on what to do. In every case, they had left their dog with a family member or friend. Most cases the dog had been to the area before with the family; they figured the dog was well acquainted with the environment & people, however, something as simple as the caretaker coming in with groceries with an open door, the dog would get out ... then FREEZE ... as if to say, what just happened?? where am I?? and of course the caretaker would go after the dog, only to send it further off.

Most we were able to capture, one I remember took just over 3 months. This girl went missing while out on a walk along a beach, in an unfamiliar area with its owner.

Shelties are a very sensitive breed, loyal to their family. Our standard says ' The Shetland Sheepdog is intensely loyal, affectionate, and responsive to his owner. However, he may be reserved towards strangers but not to the point of showing fear or cringing in the ring.' We can consider them also aloof and wary of strangers.

They are not Golden Retrievers, that I call 'in your face dogs', ones that will go with any person that has a smile, a ball or a treat! Are we breeding for more stable temperaments, yes, more and more so. Life with dogs in cities are dictating a lot of that, plus owners are wanting to do agility, obedience, rally and flyball, and for that we need shelties that can handle a lot more that is thrown at them.

So, just take heed, the next time you leave your dog in someone else's care, acquire an older sheltie, you move or are out with your beloved, brown eyed sweetie in a new environment keep a watchful eye out and don't take unnecessary chances.

This is no different that a Beagle that finds a scent and forgets what a recall is: a sight hound, like a rescued Greyhound that eyes something on the horizon and wants to go chase after it. Just play it safe, no matter what kind of dog you have.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday, the new owners of one of our girls escaped when the door was answered. She is in the Westport, Ontario area, Farren Lane Lake, cottage country. She was almost caught 2x while visiting another sheltie we'd placed there a few yrs back. Am hoping she just bedded down for the nite and will be back out to find her sheltie friend. Flyers & 2 live traps are going out today.
As much as we think our dogs have steady temperaments, one just never knows what gets into their heads.

Pls cross link this Blog to anyone you know that might have a cottage in this area, or is visiting so they can keep an eye out for her.

#'s to call is mine 613-283-7393, or owner @ 613-273-3668

There is also another 10 mth old blue puppy that bolted after being frightened by a train in Revelstoke, BC.


Monday, August 9, 2010

New Home For Trey

One of our Bliss's boy has found his way into the hearts of Pauline & Joe from the Toronto area. Here are 2 pictures they sent me.

as Pauline wrote to me the day after .... "Trey managed the long trip home very well. ... We played for a few minutes and then he was off to bed until 7am. ... No messes in the house thus far! (that was on Sun). .. Trey loves the backyard and we love Trey! Thank-you for everything Maureen. I was so happy today that I cried."It is so nice to get these warm fuzzy emails from our new puppy clients.

To know I'm a vector to add the joy of owning, and enjoying a life with my breed, the Sheltie, is something that makes my heart sing.


Kingston Sheep Herding & Dock Dogs

In Kingston, Ont Aug 6-8th, there was the 23rd Annual Sheep Dog Trials. They also held Dock Dogs - that's where the dog's run & jump off a high dock after their fav toy into a large pool. Other demos included the Kingston Police K-9's; flyball, agility, sheep shearing & how young dog's get started in trialing. There were all kinds of booths, doggie items, alpaca & sheep wool items, wood items, handmade hats, doggie treats, and of course human treats.
I went down with Maryl0ou arriving late morning. We were able to see one run of the 15 that qualified over the last few days (out of 113) before the lunch break. Their runs were more complicated and had 20 sheep vs 5 they dealt with on the other days. At 1pm they started up again. I've selected a few (humm turning out to be more than a few!) of the 100+ pics I took to give you some idea of the size, complexity, and how the dog's work, just by a whistle from their handler at a distance, and voice when closer in.

At the beginning of the lunch break there was an auction of 5 different shawls that had been made the previous day. There were 4 woman that took 4 hours to do each.

These two woman bid the highest and won the ones you see them with.

OK .. now on to the sheep herding. I have witnessed this before for CKC & AKC herding titles, altho in a much MUCH smaller arena, and with a lot of shelties competing. The main one was when we put on the Cdn Shetland Sheepdog Asso's National here in Ottawa.

CSSA National 2006, Ottawa -the back red fencing gives you an idea of the depth of the ring.

Now here's the 'ring' size this past weekend .... this is looking out to the right ...
If you look way past the white fence on the right you can just spot a lighter green object - that's a large umbrella where they would bring out the 1st group of sheep.

Here the dog is going on the outrun to gather the sheep on the left. The handler can not leave their post. The dog has to have a lot of trust in their handler that there are indeed sheep, somewhere out there.
Command here is 'walk up"
Now the dog, with the handler whistling commands, guides the dog to bring the sheep through the two fences.

Once the sheep are on the move towards the handler, the dog is sent back out to another group that are on the far right of the field. With the field having small rolling hills many times the dog can't even see where the sheep are and is running 'blind', following the whistle of the handler.
Which way MOM????!!!! Where are they??? Are you sure they are out there??

Command here is "Away to me"
Now you can see the pole where the handler stands; the dog has gathered the 20 sheep and must move them between the handler's pole and one other that is just outside the picture to the left.
Command here 'steady' and 'come by'.
Dog's not done yet!! Now they have to move the flock out to the middle of the field, turn left and head to the far side where there are 2 more fences that they have to move them through, make a hard left turn and bring them back across the field on the left of the handler to the center ring.

Here they are coming back from going thru the fence.
Once the dog & handler have the 20 sheep in the center ring - it's down a bit from the rest of the ground, mowed down, and you can see small piles of shavings which denote the edges.

The goal now is for dog & handler to shed off the sheep that do not have the red collars! This one the handler was having a real darn hard time with ONE sheep - red arrow. Do you think it would get to the outside of the group, nope, it continued to stay in the middle of its herd. She tried, we watch and the time ticked down on the clock. They have 25 minutes to complete all of this.

Although it was an over cast day, it drizzled a bit late in the day, the hard working dogs needed a break to cool off, so they knew where the kiddie pool was, and in no uncertain terms told their handler 'just a minute!!! have to dunk myself.'

"That'll do"
This was the last dog we watched. There was one real stubborn, ornery sheep; she baaa'd just about the whole time, calling to her 'friend' that had already been shed off and was now off over the hill in the shed pen.
Once the handler takes hold of the 6' rope on the pen they can't let go until the sheep are in and the gate is closed. You can see how this dog is just holding its position, that ornery sheep is pounding the ground ..'nope you back off!!!', 'no you get in there!'. Bit by bit they backed up into the pen ... it was anxious moments .....
some 4 mins according to my camera times. They did it with around 6 mins to spare. A very nice run - the crowd gave her a big round of applause, and it was a BIG crowd there too.
I said the rain held off during the trials, however on the way home it POURED! Coming through Smiths Falls the sewers couldn't handle it all. At a red light, I captured this moment of it 'bubbling' up through the man cover.

I must admit I got shivers watching these dogs work, the outruns the dogs did were with extreme conviction. Their commitment to continuing to work, no matter what the sheep threw at them was something to behold. Although I may not figure out how to find the time ... maybe not doing herding .... I'd like to do more higher level obedience & agility training with some of my dogs.


Friday, August 6, 2010

How Do You NOT Want Pups To Entertain Themselves

Yesterday I had to run to the vets to pick up a girl that was being spayed. The pups had played outside all day, their in-house pens had all been cleaned. I knew Mike wouldn't be home too much after I'd gone. You'd think they would just have a doe doe ... nope ....
Well ... doesn't he come home to this!!! He grabbed the camera and took 2 shots before the pups realized he was there .... and that's not an easy task :)

So yes, they are blurry, but I think you can get the idea of what they'd done! We have brown wrapping paper & fluffy blankets that are placed in their main area, with a newspaper potty pan in the corner. Believe it our not, there are 6 of the smaller pups in this pen!!! Most are hidden under the brown paper. They never cease to find things you don't want them to play with :)



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