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Friday, August 27, 2010

Cesar Millan - Live In Ottawa

Guess what Ottawa??? Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer will be stopping in Ottawa, Wednesday, Nov 3rd, during his Victoria, BC to Montreal, Quebec tour. Check it out here. Want seats now ... read further down

I'm on two mailing lists that gave me a passcode to be able to purchase the PackLeader seats, which as of last nite it was allowing me to do. This was only available until Monday @ 10am, if you knew the passcode, otherwise tickets went on sale to the public. You could only purchase 4 tickets, so fine I get 4 of us to go together. Last confirmation was late last nite, so I figured I'd go on and do it today.

WELL!! don't I find out that I can't get in on with the pass code I had?? Humm, so called the ticket company and am told there were only 12 rows reserved for this special time with Cesar and they sold out by midnight! OK, so can I purchase any of the other seats, with the code I had? nope, not on-line or thru them. That code was just for the PackLeader seats. So, how do I get in on the presales for any of the other seats? He said I would have to search the Internet to find another code, he wasn't allowed to give it out.

OK, so search the web and find one - CANINE. Go back into the ticket presales screen, and NOPE, that doesn't work. Search again and don't I find the one that I rec'd thru the SENS email list I'm on - CMVENUE. YEAH!!! that one works! Go here, follow to Cesar Millan show and click on the Promo/PreSales and try the CMVENUE code.

So, we may not have the PackLeader seats, but we are on the floor.

Very interesting how this all works, how you get in on seat sales before the masses. How you get better seats, if that is what you want. American Express card holders also get in on the preseat sale option.

Learnt something new today. Just disappointed we didn't get the PackLeader seats. Can't wait to go!!!


Kav August 27, 2010 at 8:02 PM  

Wow, thanks for doing all that leg work! I'd like to go as well. Have you ever been to one of his shows? I can't imagine how it would work. I love his philosphy and his show when I can find it on tv, but sometimes what he does seems like they're missing out an important step so you can't really see how he got his results. Anyway, I'll check out the site! Thanks again.

Shelamo Shelties August 27, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

He's never been to Canada!!! If you look at the UK pictures it might give you an idea. I wouldn't say you're 'missing' anything-ie: something cut; sometimes you have to watch the time lapse shown on the screen, I've certainly had more than one AH HA moment in my dog classes over the yrs, so I do understand how owners can miss 'seeing' what they are doing wrong.


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