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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shelamo That's Amore - Her Winning Pics

YEAH! Pictures have arrived from our latest show in Petawawa, The Champlain Dog Show, where our "Ruby" (shoes), garnered consecutively 2 Group 2nds putting her on 10ts and just needing a judge to finish her Cdn Championship.

winning under Ms P Otero of Mexicowinning under judge Mr C Bett, Ontario

Ch Highledge Irish Cream ROMC x Ch Shelamo Sugar Shack

WOW, do we love how she's grown up!

Thank-you to these two respected judges for finding our girl from the classes.

This will be our last post until back from our CSSA National in Saskatoon. I've provided the link in our last posts as to where you can watch on-line as the class results come in real time.
Come follow us!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Canadian Sheltie Breeders Advertisement

Spent some time today, working on perfecting my photoshop skills and did a new advertisement for the Canadian Sheltie Breeders website. Am pleased with the outcome.

Book mark the site and check back often as breeders are adding new ones on a regular basis. Remember you'll also be able to follow in live time the results of our CSSA National.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Local Dog Show Of The Year

This past weekend, Mary-Anne, Marylou and myself headed up to the 1st conformation show in our area, the Champlain Dog Show. It's close to a 2 hour drive and I don't think there was a quiet moment, as we chattered about everything and anything.

A Great Girls Weekend!

We showed our Shelamo That's Amore, "Ruby" all 3 days, and her litter brother Shelamo Sugar Rush just on the Friday. "Rush" is just now starting to coat up and learning the show ropes after the last 7 months doing obedience and having fun and Marylou's.

Our "Ruby" did us proud. Friday, we were off to a slow start, however we found ourselves taking Group 2nds both Saturday and Sunday for a total of 10 pts, in a very competitive field!

Shelamo That's Amore

On Saturday our judge was Mrs. Otero from Argentina (she gave our "Tyme" a RWB/BPIB in 2007), and on Sunday, Mr. Charlie Bett from Ontario.

We took a few moments on Saturday while the sun was out to capture these 2 now as adults.

Shelamo Sugar Rush

In trying to get these pictures of Rush ... it was RUN Marylou RUN!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Show Ready

Today is brush, bath, blow dry, brush, trim, doing all the pre-show work on several dogs we're taking to the show this weekend.

Our "Rush" has been visiting at our good friend Marylou's, growing coat, doing obedience and just having fun running in the bush with her other 2 shelties. Knowing I was taking him from a 'raw' state he would be the 1st I started on. Once done, I took him out to the pen to shake off ... and captured a few pics of him to see just what I'd accomplished. Here are a few ... with a little playing with some of my new Photoshop brushes - I think he's maturing to a stunning boy.

Shelamo Sugar Rush - 2 yrs of age

He's from our litter of 4 out of Ch Shelamo Sugar Shack, sired by Ch Highledge Irish Cream ROMC.

Now we just have to wait and see whether his genes can produce any pups in our new litter with similar traits.

Well back to more bathing & grooming.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Surprise

The Easter Bunny brought us a surprise in the late hours of Saturday night. Maple gave birth, by c-section to a 9.5 oz sable boy. Many thanks to our vet Mark and tech Chris who worked late into the night to bring him into the world.
Mom and pup resting after a long hard night.
As of this morn, Monday, everyone is doing just fine. It's been a few long days & nights of us watching and making sure everyone is OK.

For whatever reason, lack of # of pups to help push one another down the uterine horns in a timely manner, pups to big, just not getting into full labour early enough, Maple was discharging a bit of the 'greenish' substance which just about always says a pup & placenta have been detached from the uterine wall too long and time is becoming of the essence. If there is anyone thing of a female's delivery that scares me, this 'greenish' discharge does. Maple did go into pretty hard labour, we knew there was a heart beat from ultra sound, but he just wasn't 'getting thru' & over the last hurdle. A c-section seemed the best bet in order to get this pup out alive.

It is just another one of those things we breeders face, ensuring everyone is taken care of properly.



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