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Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's HOT out there!

Did you Know?

Car windows act to both absorb the sun's rays and insulate your vehicle:  The inside of a car can heat up to 110 degrees F in only 10 minutes on an 80 deg. day (29C) - and we went over that this past week, setting a high temperature record.

Translate that into our Canadian Celsius Temps

75 = 23 C
85 = 29 C
100 =  almost 40 C
140 = 60 C!!!

The normal dog's body temp is around 101.5 F, or 38.6 C.  Around 105F your pet is at risk for developing heat exhaustion.  If the body temperature rises to 107, your pet has entered the critical zone of heat stroke, with possible irreversible damage and death.

Did you know - a dog sweats from its paws and mouth?  not its skin?

Cooling your dog down on hot days -

have cool, not cold water available
spray dog's pads with water (Oh, and if long haired breed, please trim those pad hairs)
keep your dog in a shaded area - especially black dogs and those with the shorter noses (bulldogs, pekes, Lhasas, Shih Tzus) should really be kept in air conditioned environments.
placing ice to head and neck can help lower a dog's temperature
place a cool wet cloth in the groin area of your dog

if your dog gets over heated - signs to watch for

your dog's tongue will get longer and wider - that is how they increase the surface area to get cooler; rapid panting, bright red tongue, red or pale gums, thick, sticky saliva ...
and then into weak/dizzy, vomiting/shock state

these last states you want to seek vet assistance asap

So, especially if you're travelling with your pet, just be cognitive of where you are/going, what you are planning to do, and where you might find the nearest vet hospital.


Friday, June 22, 2012

TICKS - are increasing BIG time in the Ottawa Area

TICKS in the Ottawa area - as posted by vet, Saye Clement on Facebook - "send out the word about ticks being bad this year. Warm winter combined with lots of deer and lots of wild turkeys (who knew!), and ground hogs, will likely lead to huge numbers of ticks on dogs (and people!). If people find ticks, have them email me a photo at the office. Thanks!!"  This vet is at the Carling Animal Hospital in Ottawa.  She is doing an informal study of ticks in this area. She's asking that you do one of two things; take a picture and email it to her (if you plan on having your vet send it off for Lyme testing), or if not, put it in a leak proof bottle with some rubbing alcohol and send it/drop it off to her.

So am passing along the word -

website is - for address/email info

you and also read here ...

There are two great tick removal tools.  One is sold at Lee Valley Tools called a Tick Key, the other is a Tick Twister.

So far this year in grooming dogs, I've found one earlier than normal.  Last year a client's dog got one in a city park/green space area in the west/sound end of Ottawa.

The Ottawa Health site advises what to do for yourself, but my concern in writing this is for our animals.  Stay out of long grass, keep to trails, and check your dog well for ticks.  Their favorite spots tend to be around the head/ears, neck, chest.  All because the dog is usually nosing down in the grass :)  However feel/check everywhere.  Consider talking to your vet about the various preventative meds available for this time of year too.

And don't forget your cats if you let them out.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two Exciting Litters Due

We are expecting two litters this July and are excited about both of them!

Our 1st litter due around July 5th; our dam is the mother of last years' #3 Sheltie In Canada
MBPIS BPISS Ch Shelamo Flash Forward

and our 2nd litter due around July 21st
the sire was the ASSA 2005 Reserve Winners Dog with this to be his last litter
Busy Summer Ahead!


Have You Moved? Are You Moving?

Something to Remember!

There are so many things to consider when moving - the big one is address/phone # changes.  How many of you remember your dog's contact info?  If your dog is CKC registered, you should give them a call and update your contact info.  If your dog is microchipped through a company like Avid via your vet, then you should call them.

If the tattoo is readable they will contact the CKC and try and get your contact info; the same goes for reading the microchip.  But, if the info is incorrect (nor have you notified your breeder) then it becomes so much harder to reunite you with your pet.

I know for us, since all our microchips are bought through the CKC they are all thus registered to us as a contact.  So we can be the one they reach when all else fails.

If you haven't done it - CALL NOW!

CanadaCHIP Recovery

CANADACHIP Recovery Database: 1-800-396-1896
Your lifetime friend deserves lifetime protection


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kids and Dogs

Just common sense.  The biggest one I tell my customers with kids is the crate one.  That is their safe place, always!  Small children usually need help in keeping feet 'quiet' and using their 'inside voice'.

Children should always be supervised when around any dog.



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