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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have You Moved? Are You Moving?

Something to Remember!

There are so many things to consider when moving - the big one is address/phone # changes.  How many of you remember your dog's contact info?  If your dog is CKC registered, you should give them a call and update your contact info.  If your dog is microchipped through a company like Avid via your vet, then you should call them.

If the tattoo is readable they will contact the CKC and try and get your contact info; the same goes for reading the microchip.  But, if the info is incorrect (nor have you notified your breeder) then it becomes so much harder to reunite you with your pet.

I know for us, since all our microchips are bought through the CKC they are all thus registered to us as a contact.  So we can be the one they reach when all else fails.

If you haven't done it - CALL NOW!

CanadaCHIP Recovery

CANADACHIP Recovery Database: 1-800-396-1896
Your lifetime friend deserves lifetime protection



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