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Friday, May 3, 2013

Teaching The Young Ones

One of the many things I try and do in our community is to help instill being a Good Canine Citizen.

On Wednesday I went with Mary Lou (her girl "Sadie") and 5 of our puppies/dogs, to one of my client's Sparks & Brownie night for Doggie Appreciation.  We discussed what it takes to own a dog, proper care, why it's important to have quiet feet, quiet voices, especially around young dogs, and how to approach dogs with their owners and how to be a 'tree' and what to do, if a puppy nips them in play.  We discussed what to look for health wise - they were quiet knowledgeable on proper grooming and looking for fleas, ticks.
Mary Lou with her girl "Sadie" during the individual how to approach a dog session
information session, after each one had practiced proper approaching a dog and their owner
 Our 10 month old "Raisin" had a ball and enjoyed all the attention!
 "Raisin" in the middle of all it all
Kris Morin (my client) with our "Rocky" getting the circle ready for the puppies
At 13 yrs old, BPIS Am/Cdn Ch "Rocky" lapped up all the spot light :)
and as deaf as he is now he showed them all his 'show show' moves to a tee - to say I'm proud of my boy is an understatement
The 'circle'
We had the girls make a 'human x-pen' for the puppies.
3 puppies @ just under 7 wks, the girls learned the importance of being still, with quiet voices and allowing the pups to come to them.

I remember my days as a Brownie & Guide, and WOW, their uniforms certainly aren't what I wore!!  No more skirts, no more hats.

I hope we helped these girls work towards their Vision .....

"Girl Guides of Canada, the organization of choice for girls and women, makes a positive difference in the life of every girl and woman who experiences Guiding so she can contribute responsibly to her communities."

Must say I took home tired puppies!  and TG, no messes during the car ride.



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