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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pool Opening

Pools are Summer Fun, but work! This is the pool still closed up from the winter. 1st the pool company comes in, puts the pump back together, attaches all the thingies, puts the chemicals in to start the cleaning process ... and then OH, Lordy! there ain't much water in there and really, our well can't handle some 12,000 gals, so we have to have water brought in.

Too bad it's rained for 2 days steady, and hasn't even made a dent in the water level. Go figure? Now the truck starts pumping and in 15 mins we're almost full.

The water is slowing down 'cause the water truck is now dry. The last bit we'll do with water from the well. Now we just need sun and the solar blanket to do its job. Come on heat & SUNSHINE!



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