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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where's the Best Place to Break Down?

Has to be a Tim Hortons!! and right at the window. You can order anytime.

Yep, on Sunday, early afternoon I stopped at a TH's drive thru, got my coffee and went to shift out of Park and got as far as Reverse and the shift jammed. No way was it moving; I kept trying, nothing I did would get it to move. Of course I started to sweat thinking of all those behind me wondering what on earth was taking so long! I could start to hear some horns honking. Oh lordy. I got on the phone to CAA for assistance, meanwhile the staff when out and helped everyone back-up and they put closed signs out. The girl at the window would peak out every once in awhile and ask if I needed anything ... another coffee maybe?
Took CAA about an hour to show up, meanwhile I'd made arrangements for friends to come and bring me our 2nd van (I was a good 45 mins from home) and the van was towed to a dealer near home. Turns out it does need a new gear shifter (think that's what they called it), and that part won't arrive till tomorrow. Van's under warranty, so god bless that!



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