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Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's So Good About Teaching A "Long Stand"?

In my dog obedience classes I'm always asking the students to tell me, specifically, 5 reasons for a specific exercise.  I want them to be very specific, to their lifestyle and environment.

One might say ....

I ask my dog to sit when I'm preparing their dinner.
I ask my dog to sit before I put their dinner on the floor.
I ask my dog to sit when my grandmother comes in the door.
I ask my dog to sit before we go out the front door for a walk.
I ask my dog to sit when I put their collar on.
Sit quietly while waiting for my vet appointment.

Sit is an easy one ... but the stand, owners have a hard time with.  So when would you ask your dog to stand?

Wouldn't it be nice if they,

Stood, calmly while your vet listened to their lungs/heart?
Stood while you wiped their back paws before running across your rugs?
Stood calmly in the bathtub for a simple bath?
Stood calmly in the bathtub while the 5+ minute skunk removal application worked?!!!

and then there are reasons we just never consider in life ... like either an injury or a senior dog with mobility problems.

Paw-Pads Self Adhesive Traction Pads

Check out this link and then go to the "Sizing & instructions" page.
It reads ...

"To Activate the Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive:
After applying, have your dog stand with full weight on pads for 60-90 seconds. This will activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive. They should not feel Paw-Pads™ once applied."

Now you might think this silly, but I'm considering it for an aging senior we have at the moment, especially for her rear paws that tend to slip out from under her on our non-carpeted surfaces.



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