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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Puppy Sitting - What Our Clients Do

Last week we had one of Chinook's 14 week old pups Dawson, come stay with us while his owner went off to New York city for a VERY special engagement.

Cindy (and her husband Bob) are long time sheltie owners of ours. Morgan is their 1st, now 14 yrs old, then came Winston which sadly they lost this summer, and now they have their cutie pie, Dawson.

Morgan showing Dawson how to sniff and 'read' a tree.

So what was so special about Cindy's get away??? She had the opportunity through her family contacts to attend an interview by LIVE! with Regis & Kelly with Elton John!!!

Here's the pic Cindy sent me of the two of them .... 'a dream come true', she said. Lucky gal!!
Cindy & Elton John in New York city

The interview will be aired on Wednesday Nov 24th according to their website.
Live! with Regis & Kelly Guest GuideHere's a quick pic we did of Dawson before he went home - @ 14 wks
(Ch Shelamo Sugar Rush x MBPIG Ch Shelamo's Riding The Wind)


Kav December 3, 2010 at 2:22 PM  

Love the older dog showing the pup how to 'read' a tree. LOL. The little guy looks so serious about his education. :-)


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