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Monday, August 15, 2011

Showing - Full of Laughs & Good Times

I'm tardy in putting this post up ... just one of those weeks.

It was a fun show, last weekend in Ste Foy, Quebec. Marylou and I went for a 3+ day excursion starting out late in the day. It was about a 5.5 hr drive, with the weather on the way down hot and humid. Through Montreal we came across a couple of construction zones, seeing these signs ... to us, it meant 'suck it in' ... tummy tucks that is, so we were hoping we'd have flat stomachs by the time we'd finished ... nope.
There were 2 shows on the Friday, with our MPBIS MPBISS Ch Shelamo Flash Forward garnering another Best Puppy In Group and a Grp 3rd under judge E. Wild. Her sister Shelamo Deja Vu was Reserve Winners Bitch. In the afternoon show "Breeze" won another Best of Breed/Best Puppy.

Best Puppy in Group Presentation

Saturday, it was again very hot and humid ... guess pushing 37C or so. I got asked in the morning by Jodie of Treasure Coast, if one of our girls could be used for juniors for their son Justin. I knew "Breeze" would be a breeze (ha, ha) at that! I was proud of how my girl, still a puppy, handled herself with a total stranger, someone she'd only met an hour or so before juniors.
Justin & "Breeze" in his classes' line-up.
She never let up showing for him.
On our previous trip past Quebec City we'd eyed the Montmorency Falls Park, so we decided to head there Saturday after the show, maybe even get some lovely pics of the girls there.

On our way there, this is what we followed ....
how's that for an escort?!
Well, much to our surprise there was a BIG event going on - a fireworks display! There were cops, barricades, parking restrictions, parking attendants, no parking signs on the upper town area .... so after driving around to try and find, even a spot to view them from above we gave up. The weird thing was, that in our travels around the streets above, and OH MY, were there some beautiful homes overlooking the river ... didn't we see this Official Pace car (or one just like it) sitting in a driveway! The owners of the home could be seen sitting out in their enclosed patio, so I dared not take a pic.
This was our set up, nice and dry, mostly shaded for the day, right next to the obedience/rally rings. So we got to watch a lot of exhibitors go thru their paces. There was one young girl, just 9 yrs old with her Cavalier who achieved 2 qualifying legs for her Pre Novice. She got a great round of applause .... I still remember those days myself. Sunday, it was a totally different story ... it rained, and rained. Luckily it was just a drizzle when we were packing up, however it still meant stuff had to be dried out on Monday.

Another show trip over with, washing done, equipment dried out.
"Breeze" in the Juniors ring

After this weekend, she is now ranked #2 Sheltie Puppy (2 BPIS, 9 BPIG) and #9th overall Sheltie
We're proud of this girl's accomplishments.
(according to Best Dog In Canada & Canuck Dogs)


judyf,  August 16, 2011 at 8:54 AM  

Congratulations to Maureen, Cindy and Breeze! #2 ain't so bad!! She really is a lovely puppy, or should I now say "lovely bitch" since she has officially finished her puppy career.


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