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Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Obedience Session Finished

Just finished the fall session of a Level 1 and Level 2/3 at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Gardens, Ottawa.  Great two classes with a good number of students!  Here are a few pics of Graduation night; with a special presentation.

We had a young girl that came with her father who was training their dog, and with a few extra dogs we bring, this young girl wanted to participate and learn in her own way too.  So the experienced Harley was one she would work with.  She did as well as any of the adults in ensuring she did the exercises right, and made sure even the experienced Harley didn't make a mistake.

She also helped to leash/show train an up and coming 6 months old of mine, plus helped leash train a young puppy.
 Here is Pei training CC, with Harley looking on.
 Pei Pilgrim receiving her certificate for the Best Youngest Handler
(Harley approved!)
 Proud Pei and Harley
(above 2 photos thanks to Peter Pilgrim)
One of the Graduation requests I make is that each student teach their dog a 'trick', based on the fundamentals of training I teach.
 here's Ozzie doing his 'leave it'
Chico doing his 'dance'
and Ch "Trooper" taking a bow

Thank-you to all my students for doing such a great job with their canine friend, in making them a better family member and neighborhood resident.



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