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Thursday, February 27, 2014

21st Winter Fest @ Ron Kolbus Lakeside Gardens

For the past 21 years, the weekend after our Ottawa Winterlude, the Community Centre where I teach dog obedience holds a Winter Fest on the Sunday.  All the classes held there are asked to put on a short demo so the community can see/hear what is happening.  I had 7 dogs that participated in an obedience demo that I was proud of how they all performed.  It also gives a good opportunity for the kids to meet different dogs and learn how to properly approach and pet these dogs.  Kudos to my students for keeping this training in the forefront as they made their way around the building.

 Students waiting to go on stage
 Group photo
l-r - Erin w/Zoe; Karen w/Hudson; Marylou w/Harley, CC and Ruffles; Hal w/Schnapps; Odette w/Sadie; Jeanne w/Java; Al w/Chinook
 Zoe - she's come so far in just over a year!
Kudos to Erin for working with her and her consistency in day to day training

 Ruffles & CC (51/2mths) had their faces painted to show the kids they were part of the fun too!
 sleigh rides are always a big hit!  Ottawa river is in the background
once again the maple taffy pull - oh so sweet and sticky!
info table where participants get to meet us and the dogs during the event



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