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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ottawa Kennel Club Show - CSSA Booster

This past weekend the Ottawa Kennel Club held its fall show in Kemptville. There were two sheltie boosters, one for the CC&SSA on Saturday and on Sunday we held our CSSA East Ont/PQ one. Our judge was respected, breeder judge Leslie Rogers from B.C. This booster was organized by Michael (yes, my husband) as he is the present CSSA Director for this area.

Prizes were bagged in the winning colours by our friend Mary-Anne for Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners, Best Puppy In Breed, Winners & Reserve Winners Male & Winners & Reserve Winners Bitch, along with the extras sponsored by Purina.Wagon of Purina goodie bags for the exhibitors.
Ch Blue Merle female waiting her turn for the Best of Breed competition.
The Best of Breed lineup, with Winners Bitch just finishing her down and back.
Leslie Rogers had each of the Best of Breed competitors do what we call 'Grand Standing' so he could evaluate each dog at a distance, on its own, for such things as over all balance. Final line-up with judge Leslie Rogers.
(l to r) Best of Breed (a male), Best of Opposite Sex (a female), and Best of Winners (a male). Best Puppy In Breed was a sable girl which unfortunately I don't have pictures of.

I was scooted out of the ring for taking pictures which (I didn't know) is only allowed by the Show Photographer. These were the best pictures that weren't blurry & that had all the exhibitors together at the end.


The winner of the raffle, a 11" LCD Alurateck Digital Photo Frame, drawn at the end of Group judging by judge Leslie Rogers ... was ..... drum roll please ... Peter Culumovic of Laureate Shelties!!!



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