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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin

I've been asked, 'Where are pics of your two new hopefuls?' So here's one of them. We call her Pumpkin. She is sired by our Ch Shelamo Sugar Rush, her dam is our MBPIG Ch Shelamo's Riding the Wind. The other sibling, Breeze, I don't have any recent pics as she's been off having fun at our friend Mary-lou's place. We've also had a lot of cloud days, and if the sun has come out then it's - 20 C, and then some with a wind chill and I'm just not up to doing pics in that kind of weather!

They just turned 6 months yesterday. Their temperament, well look out! No one isn't their friend, nor is anything to be feared or not challenged. These pic were taken of her 'o'naturel' while outside with the gang.

What? mom I got things to do.
I just love this little girl ... she's 13" now, but lives in a way bigger package.
A group on a tear in the fresh 5 cm of snow ... Pumpkin is in the middle, 3rd from the right, biting some one's butt!



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