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Monday, April 18, 2011


Sunday was a whirlwind day ... Mary-Anne & Marylou were here to help bath some dogs, brush others out, do some nails.

The weather was so weird .. it was really windy 24-50 k/hr gusts, would go from dark grey clouds, to rain, to snow, ice pellets and then all of a sudden out would come the sun. We were wondering if we could get some quick pics of Pumpkin in. A quick run outside showed it was sunny with just some fluffy clouds ... great! I'll quickly do her up and will get some pics. Well in less than 20 mins, it was dark & raining ... poop. Ok, back in the crate, let's see if we can get another opportunity ??? Well, we did ... the 3 of us rushed outside, tried to find the least windy spot and went at it.

Aunti MA, I see you coming!
Shelamo Deja Vu

(Ch Shelamo Sugar Rush x MBPIG Ch Shelamo's Riding the Sky)

How many more times are you going to throw that squeaky Marylou?
Ok, guys, I've had enough of following you around, time to go in ...

Pumpkin is the litter sister to our Shelamo Flash Forward (ptd), Breeze.



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