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Sunday, September 25, 2011

148th Carp Fair, Ottawa, Ontario

I've lived in this area since 1961, even closer since 1996, and never, ever, do I remember going to the Carp Fair; one always thought of going to our main Exhibition @ Lansdowne Park in Aug. Well, yesterday I met up with friends to watch the heavy horse hitch competition and go for dinner.

Here's a few pics of the 6 horse hitch. What an awesome sight, and the feeling as their hooves thundered past you was an experience in itself ... if I can learn how to properly downsize one of the videos I took so loading isn't an issue, I'll post it.

some 18 horses teams, all standing patiently
liked this team
the winners ~ no idea how they judge them
walking through the other barns ~ ever see chickens with feathered feet?
the grass is always greener on the other side :)

I didn't take pics, but in another area there was a sow with 5 young pigs and at the time we were there, I swear to god, all the times I've been on farms, I've never seen a group of young ones do FRAPS, just like a bunch of puppies @ 8wks of age! They were tearing around, going in no specific direction, altho using the sow as a round about, and one you could tell was more dominant than the rest as it would tend to mount the others & the sow. Ear licks, nuzzling, play bowing ... all the same as puppies. A real good chuckle for sure!

PS ... these grounds were the same as where our CSSA National 2006 was held. This main ring held both our herding & agility competitions. Our 2012 National will be in Ancaster, near London, Ont.


judyf,  October 8, 2011 at 10:34 AM  

Thw 2012 CSSA National will be at the Ancaster Fairgrounds, just outside of Hamilton, ON. Lots of green grass, but bring your "wellies" or duck boots for walking dogs if it's a wet spring. The ground seems to be very slow draining.


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