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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Whole Lot of Accomplishments

Wooowww ... did we all have a busy weekend here .. and the most gorgeous sunny, warm weekend for everything on our plate to go just so ....
Dogs got a new 26' long x 10' wide shade tent in their back pen ... thanks to two young strapping male friends of Mary Anne's they were able to assembly it.
There was also a 'crew' that we sold our above ground pool too - this was the last of it, the deck, being loaded late on Saturday.

Saturday & Sunday I was involved as the rep for Purina Proplan in the PetsMart Adoption day program that they sponsored.

these two were so proud of their new kitten and the Proplan goodies they received

I left this event @ 3:30 and flew across town to make it just in time for a 4pm wedding .. the bride was just headed down the isle. Rachel & Matt Davidson tied the knot in a lovely outdoor setting. Matt is the son of my friend Mary-lou; they are ones that adopted one of the sheltie rescues that I was involved with last October. I anxiously await the professional pics done of Timbit with the Groom's Men in his own bow tie.
right on ... it's done!
the gathering @ the Davidson's for the morning get together

Sunday, before I headed back to PetsMart I had time to drop in to the Davidson's for a morning after breakfast. Mary-lou had done a wonder job with a great selection of eats, including Tim Hortons coffee!

I heard many didn't hit the sack till 4am ... and I hear they learned a lot of new dance moves.

And, well, bless his sole, Mike spent the better part of Sunday shopping.



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