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Monday, February 27, 2012

Show Training & Off To Practice

Feb 20th was a Family Day Holiday for us, so Mary-lou & Mary Anne & I rented a community hall and took the 3 Tyme girls, the 2 Trixie pups that are being grown out, and Trixie's older bi-black girl Moxi to get some leash & show training accomplished.

Here's the 1st easy way!!! Take the leash trained girl and get the other 3 to follow doing down & backs.
Little Journey decided he'd help his 1/2 sister walk on a lead! Like yah, she's the one trained!
Gem hanging out at the end.

Then we went to put it into practice at the Ottawa Kennel Club Sanction Match. Mary Lou & student Andrea were with me to handle the 3 dogs we took. This was part of Andrea's volunteer work experience and her 1st time ever at a dog show. Wonder if she might think of getting into Junior Handling ??

Couldn't have asked Moxi to handle her 1st ever showing experience any better than she did. She won Group 1st. Gem made it around the ring, not too badly :)
Moxi, steady on the table in the Best In (Match) Show Ring
still showing her heart out after a long day
The Best In (Match) Show Line Up.



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