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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tribute To A Very Thoughtul Man

I have been slow in blogging this as it's taken time to put the various pieces together.

It was mid November 2012, that a kind gentleman passed peacefully in his home with his beloved and faithful sheltie "Annie" by his side.  His life was rich in so many ways - golfing, loved Irish music, playing his tin-whistle, and enjoying, even on his last day reading at the local library with "Annie" by his side.

Rod with "Annie" last year
Rod had made several wishes clear, with one being, should he predecease his beloved girl "Annie", she was to be returned to the kennel he got her from.  We can't thank Rod enough for having that foresight and making his wishes clear.  We also thank those that cared for "Annie" during the few days until Rod's Executor was able to arrive and follow-up with finding us, as we'd moved since he'd had her (Kathy and Heather, thank-you).
Laureate L'Anais, 2005
"Annie" is known as Laureate L'Anais, and she came to us in 2001 on a co-ownership with the owner's of Laureate Kennels, Kim Aston and Peter Culumovic.  She lived most of her time with us, producing several litters, until her retirement, when Rod came to us in June of 2005 looking for another sheltie to live and enjoy his life with.

"Annie's" contribution to the sheltie world has proved significant.  Here is a list of some of her kids and decedents, with many more that have contributed to kennels around the world and graced the couches of others.

Through Laureate Shelties ~
Ch Laureate Lancome
(co-owned Laureate and Pennylynn Woodruff of Ruffleith)
Braz Ch Laureate Laramie
BISS Am Ch Paray Preferential
Am Ch Paray's Ka
Am Ch Paray Posh Spice
 Br/Pan Ch Drummond Hill's Queen Mary Of Scotland
(sired by Braz Ch Laureate Laramie ~ owned by Maria Valladares, Brazil)
Through our Shelamo Kennel ~ 
"Annie's daughter - Shelamo Mata Hari (ptd)
Shelamo Sassy Squirt NAFA Ch-FDX, UFLI TF111; CKC-AGNS AGNJS AGIS AGIJS, AAC- ADC, AGDC, AACD, AGDC, MJDC, MSDC ATChC, HIT (litter brother to Shelamo Mata Hari) owned by Lynn Cuthbert

Through Shelamo Mata Hari (ptd)

Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends
and her kids
MBPIG Ch Shelamo Riding The Wind
Shelamo Handsome Trouble, CGN, AgN, AgNJ, ADC, SGDC, AADC (owned by C. Charlebois)
BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky HIT (owned by Linda Howie)
 Through MBPIG Ch Shelamo Riding The Wind
MBPIS BISS Ch Shelamo Flash Forward
Ch Shelamo Deja Vu
BBPIG Shelamo Yakima V By Ruffleith (co owned with Ruffleith)

and still to grow up here at Shelamo are her great grandkids

Dam ~ Ch Shelamo Tyme Descends
BPIG Shelamo A Moment Of Tyme (ptd)
Shelamo Tyme For A Mocha
Shelamo Gemstone

and not to forget the next love of Linda Howie's life
sired by her boy ~ BPIS Ch Shelamo's Riding The Sky HIT
Magennis Sea To Skye

and (same sire) also, in the makings of an agility star
Shelamo Tow The Line (co-owned with Jack Richardson)

 "Annie" after her bath and snoozing on the blanket that came with her
 "Annie" (almost 13 yrs) with our two other seniors while Mike was at the computer for an on-line meeting, beside her is "Opal" (141/2 yrs) and her 1/2 brother "Rocky" (under the desk, almost 13 yrs)
"Annie" and her girlie friends watching me shovel with the 1st snow fall
"Annie" with the seniors supervising the 2nd snow fall

"Annie" has now been to the vet and as with most seniors this age is experiencing some medical issues.  We know for one her hearing has gone.  We (and Laureate) are dealing with them one at a time as we sort out her problems.

We thank those that have donated in Rod's name to date, for "Annie's" alma mater, for her continued care.  Please know the Executor will be kept informed.

We thank you Rod for all you have given to your love of shelties, and embraced the life you lived.

With this experience, I hope all of you with fur kids will be encouraged to make provisions for them.


Helen December 31, 2012 at 4:08 PM  

That`s so wonderful that you take one of your back.

Acadia Shelties January 1, 2013 at 4:54 PM  

It is such a relief when it works out like this. Congratulations, and welcome back Annie. I am sure you miss Rod, but at least you know you are still loved.

Shelamo Shelties January 2, 2013 at 12:45 PM  

thank you both for your kind words.


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