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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Memory Photo Shoot - "Opal" ROMC & son BPIS Am/Cdn Ch "Rocky"

With the help of dear friend Mary Lou (and a new lens for her camera from her son as an xmas gift), and a German Shepherd breeder near me, Marilyn, we did this photo shoot yesterday with our two oldest shelties, Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC and her son BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector.

These are some of my favorite ones.

 Shelamo's Party Pack & son BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector
"Opal" @ almost 15 yrs of age
(Linden Winsong North 'N South x Ch Scotholme Arhope Dyamond)
  "Rocky" at almost 13 yrs of age
(Am/Cdn/Jap Ch Laureate Explorer x Shelamo's Party Pack ROMC )


"Rocky" hasn't lost his sweet 'show show' look!

even tho .... with the hardest part in doing this photo shoot being .... as with many seniors, the first to go is their hearing, and now, unfortunately, the two of them are deaf, I think Mary Lou & Marilyn did a great job in capturing the essence of these two.



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