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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saying Good-bye - BPIB Shelamo The Sentinel (ptd) CCGC, CCGN, CD, MADC, MJDC, ExJ Bronze, MSDC

BPIB Shelamo The Sentinel (ptd) CCGC, CCGN, CD, MADC, MJDC, ExJ Bronze, MSDC
(Ch Arhope Jadeisle Still Dreaming x Arhope Oh Lonesome Me)
 December 20, 1997 - July 29, 2013

As I wrote on Kate Freeman's Facebook page ...

It saddens us deeply to hear that the boy that stole my heart from early on as a promising show dog, now leaves a big hole in so many people's hearts. He has done so much for the sheltie world, as a great ambassador in so many venues. He had a heart bigger than the 'space' that we could give him, and altho it took some 4 years for him to land in the right hands, it couldn't have been a better match with Kate - thank you Linda Howie for your perseverance in getting Kate to come and see him! I could add too, so many stories of his antics - how he figured out how to get onto the table and gobble up the butter; finished off Mike's steak dinner one night, but amazingly left mine! Good BOY! Figured out how to go from a chair, onto a desk, then over the 4' xpen, and down onto the puppy crate, to the floor, to eat a litter of pup's meal! Took me awhile to figure out just how he was standing in the puppy pen, asking to be let out. His excitement to see my mom one day, caused us to have to make a trip to the emerg to have the skin on her shin sown up. Oh Panda, the stories, the fun, the zest for life that you instilled in so many of us, the smiles you put on one judge's face as a Senior Puppy in the show ring, and on children's faces ... the memories will live on with so many of us for a very long time. Kate, may you know I couldn't have asked for a better home to work with this 'brat' and that I will cry with you for awhile. I am SO glad I was able to see him in May. He was a once in a life time dog. You came into the world living through the Great Ice Storm of January 1998, and have left on a Rainbow. Panda you are now free to play in the fields. Pls say hi to the Shelamo gang that has left before you. Hugs Kate.

Linda Howie's Shelamo boy 'Gryhpon' with 'Panda' July 2009
Panda started his CD title at our CSSA National in Carp, Ontario 2006
RIP Panda



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