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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

City Of Ottawa Fall Dog Obedience Classes

Hello to my fur friends living in and around Ottawa!

Have you thought about heading back to class this fall?  Interested in being a better Canine Neighbour?  Seeing some of your furry friends and having some personal time with just you and your 'mom' or 'dad'?

Well it's time to start staring at that owner of yours and getting them to hop to signing up for dog classes!
HELLO???!!!  Are you LISTENING to these brown eyes?

Please, Please, can we go to dog class so I can learn and see my friends?
outside @ Ron Kolbus Lakeside Gardens Centre, Britannia Beach area by the Ottawa River
(north west Ottawa)
inside @ Glen Cairn Community Centre - Kanata
outside @ Glen Cairn Community Center - Kanata

Where you ask?  When, what time?  Here are a couple of options ....

Lakeside Gardens - Fall is September 23 to December 2nd - Level 1 @ 6:45, Level 2 @ 8pm

Glen Cairn - Fall is September 18th to November 27th - Level 1 @ 6pm, Level 2 @ 7:15 pm

Any dog over 4 months that has had their rabies vaccination can attend a Level 1 course.  Students must have completed a Level 1 course at one of these locations to attend the Level 2. (or speak to the course instructor to qualify)

Where to register ?

The City of Ottawa website - - click on Register, and search for dog obedience for the bar code  you require and then follow the on-line requirements.

Or visit any Recreation Centre or Client Services Centre - link here to find locations.

Hope to see many of you out for some fun learning times, and socialization in a new environment!



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