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Monday, October 5, 2009

A Day of Things I Enjoy The Most

Saturday was a day full of things I enjoy the most! I left home around 9am, with fairly dense fog, and caught this picture along our road with several of the trees in their full fall glory. on the second part of our road ..
you can see the hint of the fall colours ...

Where was I headed? To our ScotiaBank Place with Mary-Anne & Marylou to watch two shows. The 1st was the Kuboto Steeple Chase event. Horse jumping, one of my FAVS! The object was to get around the course as fast as you can without faults. They got one shot, no jump offs. (I now realize that from the 2nd level, my camera doesn't capture movement very well ... so yes, some pics are blurry but they do depict the speed!)
This one is of our own Captain Canada, Ian Millar ... his horse looks like he's jumping twice the height!The line up of the winners; 1st Van Canele on Pitareusa, Ian Miller 2nd on Costa Rica Z; John Anderson was 3rd on Terrific. I missed figuring out in the end who came 4th & 5th.

We then had a break, so off to lunch we went. The afternoon show was SuperDogs! The dogs performing were from across Canada, with quite a few who qualified from the Ottawa area. There were rescues and purebreds; breeds from an Old English Sheepdog, Jack Russel, Viszla, Rotties, Iziban Hound, Boston Terrier, Bull Dog and of course, Border Collies, and a sheltie from Ottawa. As I mentioned before, my camera wasn't capturing movement pics ...

The dogs participated in teams, like doing flyball, the only difference was instead of getting a ball at the end they had to go around the barrels you see. This pic is of the Vizla ... I couldn't believe how far she took off before the jump on the way back.
They had a height jump competition. The dogs went over 4 jumps culminating with the last one being moved up a bar each time. In the end it was the Iziban Hound that jumped the highest ... something like 60"!

Then there was the 'dance' to music ... the dogs had to do the agility weave through some 12 flag poles. Here the owner had trained her two Rotties to go at different times, but were in sync as they moved through them. In the end it was the applause of the audience that 'crowned' the winner ... the one that looked the best.

There was a gentleman from Venezuela with his top winning disc catching Border Collie that put on a performance. The last event they had were 2 dogs running against each other where the dogs raced over jumps, through tunnels, up onto a boardwalk and then raced down another set of jumps. Most of the events where racing was involved the audience was split into 'teams', the Woof Woofs, and the Bow Wows, selecting their choices of dogs to compete and of course to cheer their 'charges' on.

As I arrived home, with the fog now long gone, the warm afternoon sun made the colours on our road even more vivid.



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