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Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeling Upside Down This Week

This week we are having new flooring put down in our Canine Suite, our front entrance/foyer & 2-pc bathroom. This Canine Suite used to be a 'Granny Suite', which contains a small kitchen, living room, full bath and 2 bedrooms. It is where we've chosen to raise our puppies, keep our in-season females and crate our 'house mice' when needed. One of the bedrooms is used for all our computer/office equipment. We just love it as a set-up for raising puppies.
Three of the rooms had carpeting, which is just not what you want where you play with puppies or mom's raising their newborns and they decide their food bowl needs burring for the 1st few days :)
It will be nice when it's all finished. In the meantime tho, all the STUFF is piled in our dining room, our living room, our present litter of pups takes up most of our kitchen, and the worst part, our computer is in our kitchen on the counter which we can only access the web via the phone line ... and in the country that's 26 kb/sec.... No fun!
This slow speed has made me realize how many people don't pay attention to the joke type files, video links that can be 5 MB or pics of their dogs right off their camera at 3MB each that they send, removing old redundent text in an email, or even some of the websites with large pics that take forever to load. I can't count the number of times I've tried to look at a website, and with the slow speed it just will not download it. The phone line also has a mind of its own, and will just 'drop' you on a whim!
Through one of the doggie lists I'm on, there has, ironically been a conversation with regards to high speed access and it surprised me, in this day and age, how many people still can't access high speed. It seems to mostly be those in hilly or mountain areas of our vast Canadian country. Our old Ma Bell lines are still way behind the times!
We are eating off of TV trays; having to go upstairs to use the washroom, and helping "Trixie" to not fear that the noisy equipment & banging is going to 'get' her puppies. At the moment it is a good thing that her pups were just a week plus old at the start of this and thus their eyes & ears aren't open yet and are the most contented, FAT pups! so this commotion isn't a fearful thing for them.

This is a view from the kitchen area just after the flooring part was done, looking into the livingroom through to the patio deck. As you can see the deck has tarped items on it as well! We're told the toilets won't be back in till next week.

I will stop here, as I'm sure it will take awhile for this post to go! More banging, pounding, nail gunning today as they put back the baseboards .....


Pennylynn November 4, 2009 at 9:45 AM  

000000000000000000 that looks really nice.

Me thinks I have to do my office floors.... cha ching!


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