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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today we go LIVE - New Shelamo Shelties Website

Has to be today, am running out of time! The host for our website for our Shelamo Shelties is closing down and thus we've had to move. We've been on the web since the fall of 2002.

Today, we launch our new website! It's been a long arduous task in learning a new web designing program from the ground up. Meta tags, codes, picture size, font size, how people see a site on their personal monitor ... pics are too big then many have to scroll back and forth, up and down ... the list goes on :)

Pennylynn Woodruff, Ruffleith Shelties has been an awesome help. She's spent many hours with me, doing hands on teaching, along with phone calls of HELP! My program is the newest version, so of course it wants to do things 'a little different', so we've done this learning curve together. I can't thank her enough! Dinner is coming Penny! Mike promises.

Not all our pages are up, I am working day by day on them. So please bear with me.

Our new website is

Please drop by for a visit and let us know what you think. That's all for now ... said I'd do whatever it took to 'launch' today, and I have ... am now off and running to get ready to teach my dog obedience class tonite.



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