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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Dog Obedience

To my Ottawa area viewers - I know vacation is over, kids back in school, but have you thought of classes for your dog? Something to keep their interest up, a night out that the dog enjoys, a bonding time for you and your dog, and all to learn how to communicate better with your dog to live as a good neighbour. It's time to get on-line and register as many are starting soon.

My classes through the City of Ottawa start up next Wednesday, September 15th, Level 1 starts @ 6:45 pm; Level 2 at 8pm (must have completed Lev 1). You can go here ...

and click on Go Register icon, search Dog Obedience, Wed, Ron Kolbus Lakeside Gardens.

Dogs of any age over 4mths can attend and must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. A dog is never to old to learn!


Kav September 9, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

LOL. I have to laugh because I tried to enroll in one of those classes at the Ron Kolbus Center a few years ago.

I don't own a car but lived close enough that I figured I could walk one of the dogs there, so I gave it a trial walk to make sure it wasn't too far. That whole area is totally dog unfriendly -- at least it was and you couldn't even have a dog on a leash even though there's lots of parkland and bike trails around there.

Being aware of that, I walked straight up Richmond, I guess it is and then turned down the road to the centre. The whole walk took about 35 minutes so I figured that was doable...until I turned around and walked back.

I didn't get far before two security cars and a police car zoomed in on me. I was informed that dogs were not allowed in the area. I told them I knew that which was why I was walking the dog on the side of the road. Well, apparently, the road is private and dogs aren't allowed to walk on it either! I got a fine...which I talked them out of because their signs didn't indicate the road was restricted from dogs. Plus I told them about the obedience classes I wanted to attend and would therefore have to walk on their road in order to get to them. I was told that the only way I could get a dog to the centre was by car and then I was escorted by a security down that loooonnnng road. He drove slowly right next to me ordering me to take my dog off the road, which I couldn't do because I'd end up on the restricted grass area. I think he was doing it on purpose, hoping that he could then legitimately fine me. Grrrrr. I was fuming, and obviously didn't enroll in the class. :-(

Shelamo Shelties September 9, 2010 at 8:02 PM  

That's too bad, those cops certainly were having a slow nite! You are the 1st I've ever heard of that has had an issue like that, and I've been there for 15 yrs. Have seen more than one person walking that road on my way in/out of teaching too. Each student is given a letter that excempts them for the duration of the classes.

Well at least now you know who your instructor would have been :)


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