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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Baie St Paul, PQ Dog Show Trip

We (Marylou and I) took off this past weekend for a dog show, in an area of our vast country, Canada, that I haven't travelled through. It was a show in a small town, east of Quebec City called Baie St Paul that is situated on the northern shore of the St. Lawrence River. It's a quaint, artistic town, all homes/business so very well kept. Everything, from what seemed to be freshly painted surfaces, to colourful roofs, coloured vinyl siding, manicured lawns with flowers, shrubs and trees that seemed to be planted just so.

The great weather made the trip that more enjoyable.

Small outdoor cafes lined the main street & intersection in the downtown area.
A long mural lined a rock face along a small river in town - this is just one section where if you look closely there are actual train tracks on the flat surface.
one of the art galleries lawn art
Afternoon milking
On Sunday afternoon we headed up the road and visited two cheese factories. This one makes their cheese from their sheep.
This dog lives with his flock. A sign said, 'Dog working, don't disturb'

We took a walk down the board walk ... looking out onto the river as the sun started to set

Breeze .... sticks were there to relax and chew on
Marylou with the two girls at the motel coming back from their afternoon walk
Breeze is on her left, Pumpkin on her right

the daisy hill behind our motel (looking down towards the town) .... I didn't have my camera the 1st time Pumpkin decided it was the best place to roll ... the 2nd time she started to, but it was just a bit too hot to really get into it
Pumpkin did come away with a 3pt win going Best of Breed/Puppy Breed; sister Ch Breeze added a Group 4th to her winnings


Pennylynn July 27, 2011 at 1:55 PM  

congrats! and very cool place!


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