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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Unwanted Disappearing Act

Finally, summer has arrived ... and BOY has it arrived with a vengeance! It's been sweltering hot/humid for well over the last week and our gorgeous swimming pool that we finally got all the ph's and chlorine levels just right, has been pushing 80 F, guess around 24 C. With not so cool nights it's been staying around that temp.

Well ... Sunday morning I could hear a noise out the patio door ... it wasn't the a/c as the sound was a bit too far from the house ... it was the pool pump making a weird sound. I look out and sheesh, the water level was almost below the intake area. So out I go to at least turn off the pump and don't I step into a squishy water area! OH MY! there is a trickling water leak right down at the bottom.

Talk about my heart dropping ... I couldn't see where it might leaking from, just knew it was obviously somewhere 5' down. Mike got home from his errands and in he went to see if we could find a tear/crack. As he walked around in the area of where the water was, the water started to bubble even more and with the added pressure sure enough you could see the tear appear, right on the very bottom of the pool.

Within 24 hrs the pool was well over 2/3 rds empty ....
that brown spot ... well that's the tear with the sand under the pool showing thru

It's now Tuesday, and guess what, the higher temps haven't let up, with the prediction of upwards of 93F/34C into this weekend, and that's not with the humidex added in! Some are predicting we could get up to 41-44C with the humidex.

Oh, humbug .... wouldn't you know it!


Kav July 22, 2011 at 1:34 PM  

A bummer for you...but the water level looks just right for a sheltie frolic, don't you think?!

Pennylynn July 27, 2011 at 1:56 PM  

that totally sucks Maureen! you don'thave alot of luck there do you? move. hahahaah


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