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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ruffeith's CC Revivial - "Revil" @ 12 wks

Penny dropped over yesterday afternoon to capture pictures of "Revil" at 12 wks of age. We prayed the skies would not rain on us.

This little munchkin went with us for Easter dinner (my sister asked us to bring that "Rocky like puppy" we had) and he got to play with her boy. In doing so, they ran thru her dry/dirty gardens. Needless to say his legs were a bit dirty, but with a quick cleaning and fluffing, here he is.

He just started his leash & 'show show' training yesterday too. He's already got pretty good focus I'd say.

He's co-owned with Penny of Ruffleith.Link

This is "Revil" @ 10 wks - caught doing his hip-pity hop - which he LOVES to do!

Given "Revil's" pedigree, and his personality, this is what I'm seeing in this guy, even tho we're talking close to 12 years of working within various lines.
Our "Rocky" ~ BPIS Am/Cdn Ch Shelamo's Prospector @ just over 10 months of age in 2000.

PS .. she tells me she has a few more good ones!



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