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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating Mom's 80th Birthday

Saturday the family got together and went out for dinner to one of Ottawa's nicest downtown restaurants
called Hy's.

Living almost an hour now from the downtown core Mike and I don't get to the area much now. It was nice to see the streets with all their Canada Day decorations. We wanted to drive around the Parliament buildings, but it was all closed off as they were taking down the stage from the July 1st events, which included our Queen of England's visit.

You'll soon read where I'm going with this ....

It was a busy weekend here at the house, some 14 pups that are 6 wks of age and a full house of boarders we could only be gone for so long without being up till the wee hours doing dogs. All those that we could call upon to doggie sit were either out of town (and their dog's here), or had other commitments. Thus Mike & I went down in our own van, arriving a few minutes early.

Parallel parking isn't something I have to do much anymore ... I did this in one go! And with 2" to spare :)

And why were we early ???
To be there when the limo arrived with mom, her husband and my sister & her family in it. Yeah, a bit disappointing we couldn't enjoy the ride with the rest of the family, but with the dogs it would have added to much xtra time to our trip in and we certainly didn't want any surprises when we got home.
The family ... back left our nephew Alexander, sister Karen, husband Al and Mike ... back right nephew Connor, mom, me and my mom's husband Wilf.

Yes, Uncle Fred & Kathy if you're reading this the kids are growing up. Too bad we're all so far apart that we couldn't be together for this event.

The food was great, service was excellent.

Mom and her 2 grandsons beside the white limo that picked them up. And to think Alexander on the right was just tot as our ring bearer for our wedding, and Connor, he was there, but not as a 'real' person yet. (will have to dig out and scan a pic of him, Alexander that is, from our wedding) (correction from original post, Alexander if to the left in the pic, on mom's right)

Nothing fancy mom ... just special mention to the world.

Love and kisses ... Maureen & Mike


Kav July 5, 2010 at 10:48 AM  

Congratulations to 'Mom'. You certainly saw that she celebrated in style. The only thing missing was a sheltie or two milling around the table. I guess you more than made up for it when you got home!


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