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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Simple Things In Life

With 14 pups (8 are from the largest litter we've ever had; combined the most we've ever had at the same age) one has to be creative on many levels. Each day they bring up new puzzles for us, challenges to make life interesting, plus keeping up with the daily rituals. Feed, clean, play, clean; feed, clean, play, clean; and all over again @ dinner time .. feed, clean, play ... quiet time & bedtime.

These 2+ weeks of hot/humid +30C weather has also made it a challenge, 5 days of that our a/c went down.
Kate, owner of one of our agility dogs, lent a helping hand to bath pups. It was dunk, dunk then splash, splash in the baby bath and a quick squeegee to let air dry. Thanks Kate!!!!
Here, another day Marylou and I are doing it ... splish, splash another puppet gets done ... always someone to check things out.

"I'll get you from this side then."
I was waiting and watching for the pot to starting rolling ... and yes it did.
Do you see the behind hanging out of the pot? There's another pup inside of it too!
A baby's bath tub on its side makes a nice 'hammock'.
Trying to sneak up on sleeping pups is really hard ... this one I captured through the patio screen door.
"Oh PLEASE, don't take my picture!!!"
(sorry, I'm sold)
Quite time. When evening comes the mosquitoes get SO BAD, it's time for some chew time. I found this view so interesting ... one never stops learning, I tell you ... look at the position of just about all the pups ... their backs are turned inwards, they are facing outwards ... all so not one else can get THEIR chewie!

Nite, Nite .. tomorrow we do it all over again ... and it's supposed to be another HOT one.


Kav July 28, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

LOL, I'm exhausted just looking at those pictures. And I gave my dog a bath yesterday as well. He HATES having a bath. Loves puddles, rain, the spray from a garden hose -- pretty much anything wet, but the second it becomes 'bathtime' he's so out of there. I even used the garden hose yesterday since it was so nice and hot. He still wasn't impressed. But he's clean and fluffy and I was exhausted just doing one! I'm such a wuss.

Shelamo Shelties July 28, 2010 at 11:22 PM  

aren't they funny when it comes to water/baths :) at least you got him done!


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