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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Hot To Walk Your Pooch? Does He Need A Physcial Challenge?

Last Saturday, dropped into friend Mary-lou's - Harley & Sadie chased the Frisbee for about 5-6 times ....

then Harley said by his actions ....Love it guys ... but someone open the FRONT DOOR, PLEASE! Too DARN HOT for me!

Here in Ottawa, we've had a long hot & humid spell ... what we're into our 2nd week?
Some days +33C, it's just exhausting to be outside. So how can we keep our dogs healthy, mentally and physically, if we can't get out and exercise them? They will only chase after a ball for so long.

Why not consider a Canine Brain Teaser? Check out this site to see what I mean.

Dogs have to figure out how to manipulate the toy to dispense the treats. It allows dogs to be dogs, feeding their instinct to forage for food. Don't leave it all up to him, you can play for 20 minutes and then let them do the rest.

You're helping to stimulate their brain, keep it sharp and exercise them at the same time.

Remember, we've domesticated many breeds, but they need to be dogs first ... just as they would have had to figure out how they'd get their daily rations, this give them something else to do, other than chewing your walls, carpet etc. or going nuts 'cause they haven't had enough exercise.



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