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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Get Together Sunday - Grey Cup 2009

Go men in GREEN!!!

It's now become a yearly event at my mother & her husband's place for the families on both sides to enjoy the Grey Cup game together.
Brother-in-law Tim did up his mustache, as did my mom's husband ... never too old to have FUN!
Nephew Connor got into the act. One shouldn't do their own face painting in a mirror; you'd read it as Roughriders Saskatchewan, rather than the Saskatchewan Roughriders.. lol ...

Food was great. Pizza, chicken wings, dips - mom made our longtime fav, cheeses, crackers, choclate coated prezzles! adictive or what! apple pie, apple crisp, peacan pie and of course plenty of your choice, to drink.

Besides myself not in any of these pictures, there are another 5 people that must have been upstairs ... What a game, Montreal won in the dying second, literally!

Every family has a dog too! Tho only my side has shelties.



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