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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post Ice Storm Beauty

Just wanted to share some of the pictures I took 2 days after our ice storm. The skies cleared, we had a slightly lower than freezing drop in temperature, plus there was a light dusting of snow over night.
The existing water/ice froze, then the trees got a dusting of snow. This is one of our lawn shrubs all sparklie.By noon the sun was strong enough that where it hit it was melting the ice/snow. Those trees more heavily hit were like white lights as they shone through the sun.

Looking way up, here's one of our taller trees by our driveway.The trees that were in the shade were keeping their frosty, frozen icicle look.

We then went into a deep freeze, temperatures down around -20C, -27C with the windchill. Today it is starting to moderate with temps going just above 0C this weekend.
It's been a hard time for the dogs as their time outside was limited with the paw freezing temps.



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