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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Great Evening With Friends

Last night we went to our friend's house, the Davidson's for a post-turkey dinner. Our super 'Kennel Manager', Mary-Anne was also there. It was a scrumptious, all inclusive turkey dinner, even the home-made biscuits that took a 'fall' in the oven were awesome.

l-r; Marylou, Mary-Anne, Ron and Mike

Since they aren't far, and car rides are always sought after with our puppies, our newest addition from the co-bred litter with Margaret Pratt, 'No-Name' (right now), was brought along, and got all the oooo's and ahhhh's one could imagine! She's just 8 wks.

Time to (re) kill the 'road kill'!
We also brought "Moxie", @ 13 wks it's time she got some 'show' training and leash work.
"Show" pretty, no jumping up, keep those feet still!

"Moxie" taking a break.

"Harley Man" wasn't too enthralled with these two 'rug rats' when they went into high play gear.
Marylou's been keeping our Shelamo Sugar Rush, "Rush", while he matures .... he too found couches to be the safe place.
The men watched the Senators Game - YEAH we won, and Alfie's back! Us girls watched Skate Canada, the dance finals.
A crashed puppy ... playing hard just makes you sleep.

Thanks Mary-Anne for capturing most of these moments.


Kav January 18, 2010 at 7:14 PM  

Yay!!! More pictures! They all brought a smile to my face. There's nothing cuter than a sheltie pup! And that puppy smell when you bury your nose in their fuzzy foreheads. Ah -- they should bottle that scent. LOL.

Oh and re-killing the roadkill is too funny...especially since it looks like a squirrel. Is there such a thing as a sheltie who doesn't take an exception to squirrels?!

I'm also thrilled to see the dogs on the couch. I've read training books that are adamant about dogs staying off the furniture but mine have all been couch potatoes. I guess I don't have to feel guilty now! :-)

Shelamo Shelties January 18, 2010 at 8:03 PM  

Glad you enjoyed the puppy pics ... and YES, OH that puppy breath!

On/off couches, it's called rules; everyone is different in what they allow, but as long as when you want THAT space, your dog willingly gives it up, then it's OK, otherwise you are not in charge.


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